Cayman Enterprise City is suing two of its licensees, Gary Mares and Nayzasto Technical Consulting SEZC, for allegedly not paying a combined US$115,000 in rent.

According to CEC’s claim against Mr. Mares, the two entered into an agreement on March 31, 2016, for the individual to occupy an office at the CEC Gateway location for an annual fee of US$49,250.

One quarterly payment was made for US$16,416, after which no further payments were made, CEC’s claim states.

In response to multiple demands for payment from May 2017 to May 2018, Mr. Mares allegedly indicated that he would satisfy his debt, but never did so. CEC is therefore seeking roughly US$78,000 from the individual. There is a LinkedIn page naming Mr. Mares as the joint managing director of the special enterprise zone company Rio Dorado Ltd., a company involved with the mining of gold and other precious metals in Ecuador.

CEC’s claim against Nayzasto Technical Consulting SEZC states that the two entered into an agreement in April 2016 for the company to lease office facilities for an annual fee of US$18,500.

Nayzasto Technical Consulting failed to pay the fees, states CEC’s claim.

“On Sept. 13 2017, a Letter Before Action was sent to the Licensee making a formal demand for payment of the monies due under the Agreement. As no satisfactory response was received and the monies remained outstanding, on Jan. 24, 2018 a Notice of Termination of the Agreement was sent, by hand to the Registered Office and by email, terminating the Agreement forthwith,” states the claim. “At such time a further payment of $18,500 became due and owing. The Licensee therefore owes the Plaintiff the sum of US$37,000.”

Nayzasto Technical Consulting is listed as a firm that is involved with scientific analysis and services focused on conserving natural environments and resources.

Both of CEC’s claims are listed on the financial services site OffshoreAlert.