Have you always wanted to tread the boards? Does the idea of being in the spotlight draw you like a moth to the flame? Then perhaps now is the time to audition for one of the Cayman Drama Society’s blockbuster musicals.

On Sunday at 3 p.m. and Monday at 7 p.m., anyone with acting experience or just an interest in getting involved in the arts, is invited to head to the Prospect Playhouse Theatre for auditions for “Into the Woods.” The show is scheduled to open on Sept. 12.

“Into the Woods” intertwines the plots of several well-known fairy tales including “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Cinderella” and “Rapunzel” together with an original story of a childless baker and his wife. They drive the action of the story by attempting to reverse a curse put on them, in order to have a child.

There are 20 available roles (10 female and 10 male). As with all Sondheim shows, even the simplest sounding moments are generally very complex with a lot of overlapping singing and unusual rhythms. Strong singing voices for the lead and most supporting roles are essential, along with over-the-top comedic characterizations required for all parts.

Audition format

Those planning to audition are asked to prepare a full song or at least 16 bars of music (performer’s choice) from ​“Into the Woods.” Each person will also be given a short selection of dialogue to read.


Parts will be announced via email later in the month. Rehearsals will begin as soon as possible and will take place on most Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. for approximately two hours. Because of the musical complexity of the show, initial rehearsals will take place at the directors’ house in Red Bay where the actors will work individually or in small groups on songs and dialog.

At some point in June, rehearsals will move to the Prospect Playhouse to begin blocking and movement. From there, the schedule of rehearsals will increase, as necessary until full technical and dress rehearsal before opening night.

The Cayman Drama Society will be holding auditions for ‘Into the Woods’ at the Prospect Playhouse Theatre on Sunday and Monday.

Roles up for grabs

Narrator: baritone. Strong storyteller who narrates the entire show for the audience. (Mainly speaking role with some solo and group singing.)

Cinderella​: soprano. A young maiden who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters and hopes to attend the prince’s festival.

Jack​: tenor. An adventurous teenage boy (or young man) that loves adventure and his cow.

Baker: baritone. A strong-willed but insecure man that cannot have children due to a witch’s curse.

Baker’s wife: mezzo-soprano. A headstrong, confident, though occasionally deceitful woman who desperately wants a child.

Little Red Riding Hood: mezzo-soprano. A well fed, smart aleck, fearless teenage girl.

Cinderella’s prince: baritone. An attractive, arrogant, self-seeking prince who yearns for Cinderella’s affection.

Rapunzel’s prince: baritone. An attractive, arrogant, self-seeking prince who yearns for Rapunzel’s affection.

Rapunzel: soprano. An attractive young woman who longs to see the world but is being held captive in a tower by a witch.

Wolf: baritone. A beast with a huge appetite that lures Little Red Riding Hood off the path. (Most likely a dual role with one of the princes.)

Mysterious man: baritone. An eccentric old man who observes the story and meddles in certain situations. (Mostly dialog with short solo and duet songs.)

Emily Blunt and James Corden played the parts of the Baker’s wife and the Baker in the film.

Jack’s mother: soprano. A protective mother determined to make a good life for her hapless son.

Stepmother​: mezzo-soprano. Cinderella’s beautiful, yet wicked stepmother.

Florinda​: mezzo-soprano. Cinderella’s beautiful, yet wicked stepsister who yearns to marry a prince.

Lucinda: mezzo-soprano. Cinderella’s other beautiful, yet wicked stepsister who also yearns to marry a prince.

Milky White: open vocal range. Jack’s cow and friend. (Male or female – no solo singing but strong physical comedy required.)

Cinderella’s mother: soprano. Cinderella’s deceased mother who guides Cinderella through a voice from her grave.

Prince’s steward: open vocal range. An obnoxious yes man for Cinderella’s prince. (Character comedy role – over the top dialog – group songs only.)

Granny: open vocal range. Little Red Riding Hood’s knife-wielding vengeful granny.

Cinderella’s father: baritone.​ ​Cinderella’s boozy, clueless father. (Limited singing.)


If you do not feel comfortable on stage, consider a backstage role. For a sizeable production such as this one, there will be many opportunities to work behind the scenes. Join co-directors Barrie and Teri Quappe; music coordinators Chuck, Barrie and Teri Quappe; and producer Sheree Ebanks as they bring “Into the Woods” to life.

Auditions are Sunday at 3 p.m. and Monday at 7 p.m. at the Prospect Playhouse Theatre. Show dates are Sept. 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 and Oct. 3-5. If you have any questions about what is required for the audition, please contact either of the directors at [email protected]​ (916-9800) or ​[email protected]​ (926-9933).

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