Cayman food banks need donations

Cayman's food banks and church pantries are accepting donations.
Cayman's food banks and church pantries encouraged donations to support those affected by the crisis.

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Food pantries across Grand Cayman are in need of donations, as economic uncertainty sets in for many people affected by the coronavirus-control measures.

The Cayman Food Bank made an appeal for non-perishable goods, in anticipation of the demand to come.

“We need donations very badly,” said Marie Eden, of the Cayman Food Bank board of directors.

“We’re asking the public because so many people are out of work and children are home, so we’re low on food supplies.”

A public appeal from the pantry explained that many children, who would normally eat at school, will now be relying on donations for that daily meal.

Eden said the food bank is able to organise pick-ups and drop-offs of donations in all parts of the island.

“We’re trying to get something together for East End. We’ve gotten some information yesterday that there was some need there,” she said.

At the John Gray Memorial Church in West Bay, Elaine Rivers said the pantry would now be accepting outside donations.

The church food bank has typically relied on donations from the congregation.

But with the church now closed on Sundays, those contributions have been disrupted.

“We didn’t get anything Sunday because there was no church,” Rivers said.

She welcomed community donations to help the church keep its twice-monthly service on track.

The pantry needs non-perishable items such as canned beans and vegetables, canned meats like Vienna sausages and tuna, and toiletries like soap and shampoo.

Minister Neriah LeBlanc, from the Church of Christ in West Bay, said the church had cleared out its pantry this week, distributing food to students in need from John A. Cumber Primary School.

The church collects all of its donations from its congregation.

Individuals in need can contact the church for support.

“Once they call, we will let them know what we have available,” LeBlanc said. He expected more donations from church members to come in soon.

The Cayman Compass will continue to update a list of food bank contacts as they are confirmed.

Food pantries in Grand Cayman

John Gray Memorial Church in West Bay, Elaine Rivers, 916-0159;

Cayman Food Bank, Marie Eden, 9168006, or Phillip Hyre, 926-6111, [email protected],;

Church of Christ in West Bay, Minister Neriah LeBlanc, 949-9294.

Suggested donations for Cayman Food Bank:

Gift certificates or vouchers for food; rice; dry or canned beans; pasta and pasta sauce; baby formula and baby food; canned goods (vegetables, stews, chilis, soups, pasta); cake mix; boxed mixes (cake, stuffing); applesauce; canned meats (chicken, tuna, etc.); cooking oils (olive, canola, etc.); crackers; herbs and spices; canned or dried fruit; granola bars; snack packs; instant potatoes; powdered milk; boxed meals; nuts; peanut butter; cereals; juices (shelf stable, cartons); teas and coffee; instant noodles; toiletries (deodorant, soap).

Cayman Food Bank drop-offs

(Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)

Warehouse 51, Sleepy Hollow, Unit 11.

First Assembly of God, 195 Old Crewe Road.

To donate money to the food bank: Cayman National Bank KYD account #01115055, account name: The Good Samaritan Food Bank.

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  1. Why not to open community soup kitchens? Soup kitchens serve individuals in need of a hot meal. Nothing is better than delicious and nutritious soup, especially for kids. Perhaps it could be delivered? Thus would guarantee no donated food pantry items go unused.