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Cayman officers training at Sandhurst

Five junior officers from the new Cayman Islands Regiment are undergoing officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK. The creation of...

Noah’s Ark

It’s not just the people of the Cayman Islands who have had heroes looking after them during lockdown – four-legged friends have been sent to safety, too.

Doctors on the frontline

Doctors in the Cayman Islands’ public and private hospitals have responded with a united call-to-arms since the coronavirus reached these shores.

Beautiful Blue

The 2020 Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue, is a Caribbean designer’s dream. Whether you’re a professional, or just love decorating, the colour complements the islands’ sea and sky, bringing this versatile and bold hue straight into the home.

Cancer care in Cayman

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a frightening experience for both patients and their loved ones. Living on an island with limited medical resources can...

Cayman in the Hamptons

When New York interior designer Eric Lysdhal was remodelling a home in the Hamptons on the eastern shores of Long Island, he looked south...

Seaside sophistication

The elegance and relevance of contemporary coastal chic has been encapsulated by a South Florida interior design firm in their styling of a new...

Endless Cayman summers

Living on a holiday island, residents of the Cayman Islands can indulge in the joys of vacation nearly all year-round. And the Mercantile – the...

The statue garden

Seven statues surround the amphitheatre in this magnificent garden, all of them overseen by a giant, 2,000-lb Buddha, which was shipped all the way...

Rooms with a view

Overlooking the cruise ships in harbour, the apartments owned by Lars Skroder enjoy one of the most commanding residential views in the whole of...

Cool city design

When making plans for the offices of Cayman Enterprise City, design mastermind Cindy O’Hara spent years looking around for the coolest concepts and most...

Miss Lassie’s house – a cultural gem

Miss Lassie's home a cultural gem.

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