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Almost 400 bus complaints in 2019

There were nearly 400 complaints filed with the Public Transport Board in 2019 – the vast majority of them concerning bus drivers who failed to follow their set routes.

Virtual highways: How smart data is shaping Cayman’s future road network

The National Roads Authority is using a new $50,000 traffic modelling software suite to test the impact of road projects in the virtual world before it starts pouring concrete. The simulator is helping make the case for a series of "quick win" projects at pinch points in and around George Town. Longer term it could be used to test the viability of everything from public transport to flyovers and causeways across the North Sound.

Road projects focus on quick wins

The National Roads Authority is focussing on five main projects over the next two years. With just over $40 million in the budget, engineers are already at work on what they believe will be ‘quick wins’ when it comes to cutting traffic congestion. Sophisticated software has been used to build the roads in the virtual world prior to construction to assess their likely impact.

A tale of two territories: How Bermuda deals with traffic

As policymakers in Cayman seek to find solutions to growing congestion on the roads, they could do worse than looking 1,300 miles to the north, to Bermuda.

Winds of change

"Everybody wants to walk on water,” says Caymanian kitesurfer Sean Myers. Today it feels more like flying. He carves across the shallow turquoise water off Barkers...

Think Brexit won’t affect you? Think again

The UK formalised its fractious divorce from the European Union at the end of January. The two parties now have until the end of the year to negotiate a new trade deal. The message to Cayman Islands residents has been a very British, ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Green groups urge caution on road building

Environmental groups are calling for sustainable solutions to Cayman’s traffic problems. Both the National Trust and Sustainable Cayman have cautioned against building new lanes and extending highways to deal with the problem.

‘Traffic a top business concern’

Lost time is lost money and Cayman's business sector is feeling the impact of all those hours wasted in traffic. The Compass talked to Chamber of Commerce CEO to get the group's verdict on the issue.

‘Airport transfers can take an hour’

Traffic is impacting more than just commuters, it is causing issues for tourists too. Cayman Islands Tourism Association president Theresa Leacock-Broderick talked to the Compass about the problem and some potential solutions.

One commuter’s experiment – tracking time lost to traffic

How much time does the average Cayman commuter waste in traffic? It’s a question many of us have plenty of time to ponder on the long, slow drive into George Town. Compass journalist James Whittaker tracked his own commute as part of an experiment to see how we might rank globally in terms of time lost in traffic.

Five ways the world fights traffic congestion

Five approaches that have been tried around the world and how they fared.

Owen Roberts Airport runway partially reopens

Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport was closed Monday afternoon amid reports of damage to the runway and is not expected to reopen until Tuesday.

Unclogging roads: How the world deals with traffic problems

From congestion charges to smart planning and improving cycle infrastructure, there are proven methods of cutting traffic, yet the most effective measures are often the least politically acceptable according to international experts.

10-point plan to cut congestion

MLA Austin Harris and his Vehicle Imports and Transportation Committee have come up with a number of suggestions to cut vehicle imports and reduce traffic congestion. He sat down with the Cayman Compass to talk us through some of the primary recommendations and why he thinks they could make a difference.

Traffic the ‘number one issue’ for many legislators

For politicians anywhere east of George Town, traffic is the number one issue on the minds of their constituents.

Cap on car imports proposed

Buses for private schools, restrictions on vehicle imports and staggered work hours are among the key recommendations coming out of a government transport committee.

Cyclist’s verdict: Better bike lanes needed

Amid unprecedented traffic jams in Grand Cayman, the Compass spoke with local cyclist and owner of Revolutions Spinning gym Jerome Ameline to get his verdict on why more commuters are not turning to pedal power to bypass the congestion.

Million-dollar solution to restore eroding beach

A $1.25 million government-led ‘beach nourishment’ project has been proposed to counter erosion at the southern end of Seven Mile Beach.

Commuter stories: ‘I never dreamed Cayman would become so stressful’

Traffic is beginning to impact the way of life in the Cayman Islands. With more than 6,500 additional cars on the road in the last year alone, commuters say they are facing unprecedented congestion.

Road to gridlock: 6,500 more cars in 2019

More than 6,500 more vehicles were added to Cayman’s roads in 2019, fuelling unprecedented traffic congestion in the territory.

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