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Would Cayman ditch private cars for the bus?

Government is considering bigger buses and new routes as it seeks to improve public transport and encourage people to leave their cars behind, says Rosa Harris, chair of the Public Transport Board.

Taxi fares more transparent, but still expensive

A local taxi fare app, CI:GO, now allows riders to calculate cab prices before they buckle up. The app, launched in August 2019, answered public...

Smith Barcadere exempt from planning permission

No planning permission will be required for the proposed redevelopment of Smith Barcadere. 

Mandatory quarantine measures implemented for coronavirus

Travellers who have been to mainland China within the previous 14 days will be subject to mandatory quarantine upon arrival to the Cayman Islands, following measures implemented Monday by Cabinet.

Smith Cove parking plan ignites debate over site covenant

Debate over the Smith Barcadere development has intensified, as advocates to protect the cove clash with government over plans for an oceanside parking lot.

Colours Cayman calls for action on same-sex marriage

Colours Cayman has called upon Governor Martyn Roper to establish a deadline for government to act on the issue of same-sex marriage.

MLA Eden calls earthquake, coronavirus ‘warnings’ over gay lifestyle

Legislator Anthony Eden moved a motion in the Legislative Assembly on Friday to affirm Christian values, an action he described as a direct response to debate over same-sex partnerships.

AUDIO: Relaxing after the earthquake

Between a 7.7 earthquake, aftershocks and a tsunami scare, islanders may be feeling more anxious than normal. To help readers get back to centre, Compass journalists Kayla Young and Reshma Ragoonath speak with Bliss Yoga instructor Manuella Izaacs on ways to release tension and relax.

Kirkconnell: New airport terminal on the horizon

Upgrades at Owen Roberts International Airport are nearing the final stage before work begins on a new terminal, said Transport Minister Moses Kirkconnell.

Post-Dorian Bahamas reexamines climate-resilient tourism

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis describes Hurricane Dorian as a watershed moment for the Commonwealth nation. There is The Bahamas that existed before September 2019, and the nation now, fully aware of its vulnerability to climate change as a developing island state.

Kirkconnell: Caribbean tourism ‘stronger together’

During the Caribbean Travel Marketplace in Nassau, Bahamas, the Cayman Compass caught up with Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell to discuss climate-resilient tourism in the Caribbean region, cruise tourism and the benefits of regional collaboration.

Cayman maintains shipbuilding tradition with a twist

Off island, Cayman maintains a strong reputation in the shipbuilding business. In particular, Cayman has risen as a recognised and reliable jurisdiction for managing yacht construction, overseeing 43% of new builds in the superyacht business

Cayman catboats: ‘No two were exactly alike’

One hundred years ago, getting to the hospital, the market or just about anywhere else in Cayman likely would have required a catboat.

Jamaica looks to ‘plan B’ amid doubts over Cayman port

Jamaica’s tourism officials are looking to a ‘plan B’ to revive cruise tourism amid uncertainty over the port project in Grand Cayman.

An SOS call to Cayman Brac

From his Cayman Brac home, Raymond Scott works around the clock to keep the seas safe.

A radio greeting to Cayman from sea

At age 17, Andrew Eden of Savannah joined his first crude oil tanker, the Dea Maris, with National Bulk Carriers in 1966. Eden started as a messman, earning US$132 a month, but he quickly worked his way up the ladder. Taking advantage of correspondence courses, he ascended to the status of chief engineer by the age of 25.

Plastic pollution entangles marine life

The increasing presence of plastics in the Caribbean Sea has created an environment rife with unnatural perils for marine life. In Cayman, the public...

Caribbean governments legislate to restrict plastics

To date, UNEP has documented 24 Caribbean jurisdictions with some sort of single-use plastics ban, including restrictions on single-use bags and Styrofoam. In 2020, several Caribbean locations, including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Bahamas, will implement bans of varying degrees on single-use plastic imports.

The plastics problem: Cayman contends with a regional menace

Across the Caribbean, plastic waste threatens not just beach aesthetics and the tourist experience. It poses a risk to public and environmental health as well. Discarded fishing line entangles sea turtles and sharks. Bits of plastic supplement brown-footed booby nests. Microplastics sneak into the food chain.

Behind the scenes: Cleanest kitchen or dirtiest diner?

We go behind the scenes on the Compass investigation into food safety inspections. Host Kayla Young interviews journalist Kevin Morales about redacted inspection reports and the lack of public disclosure on safety evaluations. We discuss Freedom of Information and public safety.

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