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Tropical wave nears Cayman with rainshowers

Cayman Islands residents should monitor a tropical wave projected to approach the islands in coming days.

Mosquito spraying, overheating theories in bat deaths

Environmental officers are investigating a mysterious spate of bat deaths between Prospect and Rum Point this summer.

Governor brings his steel pan talents to Sunrise Centre

Governor Martyn Roper continued his steel pan tour of the island on Wednesday.

Turtle impact concerns persist with Beach Bay resort

Plans to construct a resort hotel at Beach Bay, a primary habitat for turtle nesting, continued to stir debate on Wednesday.

‘Citizen scientists’ invited to survey Little Cayman coral

The story of Little Cayman’s coral population is one of survival. Much like reefs elsewhere, rising water temperatures, increasingly acidic oceans and other man-made factors have placed this ecosystem under immense stress.

44 cyclists injured on Cayman roads in one year

West Bay Road was the most dangerous street for pedestrians and cyclists in the Cayman Islands over a 12‑month period, according to data provided by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Cayman Islands prepare for next round with Caribbean Financial Action Task Force

A raft of financial services legislation passed in July will face its first round of scrutiny in less than two weeks, when the Cayman Islands government is scheduled to follow-up with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

Liquor board reviews long list of requests

The Liquor Licensing Board attended a full house on Monday, with 28 applications appearing before the annual general meeting.

Cost of private migrant housing on par with prison detention

The cost of housing Cuban asylum applicants in private housing has been comparable to the cost of holding migrants in detention at a Prison Service facility, according to records released by Customs and Border Control through a Freedom of Information request.

Rare Brac shrub gets species protections

Sybil’s crownbeard, named in 2018 in honour of Grand Cayman’s Sybil McLaughlin and Cayman Brac’s Sybil Jackson, occurs along a limited stretch in Cayman Brac that includes Spot Bay and the Big Channel Bluff Road area.

Beach Bay resort expected to reduce turtle habitat

An environmental impact assessment has been deemed unnecessary for a proposed resort development at Beach Bay, described as “critical habitat” for sea turtle nesting.

Cayman’s oldest person passes away at age 105

Cayman’s oldest resident, Elizabeth Hurlston, died Sunday, just hours after celebrating her 105th birthday.

Masses of seaweed invade Cayman shores

Weeks after government workers cleared 200 tons of sargassum from Grand Cayman’s coastlines, the invasive seaweed has returned to the island.

Same-sex marriage appeal begins

The Cayman Islands government opened three days of highly anticipated arguments in court Wednesday regarding the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the Cayman Islands.

Born 14 weeks early, baby saved at Cayman Islands Hospital

Lizza and Glenn Halili had been trying for seven years to have a baby. The road to parenthood, however, was complicated by health issues and the pain of a miscarriage.

RCIPS: Pedestrian accidents more likely to happen on George Town roads

More motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists occurred in George Town than in any other district over a 12-month period, according to data provided by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

White smoke at Pico Bonito confounds investigators

Honduran authorities are investigating white smoke that has been rising from Pico Bonito mountain near La Ceiba since last week.

Immigration officer acquitted on all charges

Charges were dismissed Friday afternoon against Jeannie Lewis, the suspended immigration officer accused of permitting consumption of controlled drugs at her home and of knowingly assisting a person to remain unlawfully in the Cayman Islands.

Mount Kilimanjaro climb supports Red Cross

Mount Kilimanjaro and Grand Cayman have more than 8,000 miles in distance and 19,000 feet in elevation separating them.

East End loses former MLA John McLean

Former East End MLA John McLean died Saturday, according to an announcement from members of the opposition.
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