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Students have designs on fashion

Coralgene Myrie has been running the John Gray textiles programme for three years. It is the only government high school to offer such a programme. 

Transportation and business focus of Hew address

A new Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing office in West Bay, improved transportation and enhanced cybersecurity were among the items Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure Joey Hew touched on during his address to the Legislative Assembly Wednesday.

Financial report: Gov’t surplus double projected figure

A third-quarter unaudited financial report shows the Cayman Islands government had greater revenue and spent less than its projected budget.

Champion of the rock iguanas

Tanja Laaser doesn’t have a cape or a spandex outfit, but when the green iguana hotline rings on Little Cayman, she answers the call.

Tugboat pushes drifting cruise ship into position

A tugboat helped move a drifting cruise ship back into position in George Town harbour on Saturday.

Rain adds to pensive memorial to veterans

A crowd of several hundred, including the uniformed brigades from the police service, Cadet Corps and other organisations, marked the 100th anniversary of the annual memorial that honours those who lost their lives in military conflicts.

Even without a ship, Cayman pirates take island

Cayman's scalawags brought a revised scenario to their annual Pirates Week landing.

Airport runway extension approved

An extension of the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport has been approved by the Central Planning Authority. 

UCCI adds new networking centre

A remodelled classroom at the University College of the Cayman Islands is opening a new door on the digital world, officials said. 

UCCI expects budget boost

An anticipated infusion of $1.3 million from the Ministry of Education is allowing the University College of the Cayman Islands to end its year with a balanced budget. 

Eco-friendly elements impacting Cayman construction

Solar panels and low-energy LED lights have become fairly common home features on the island, but some newer developments are including such energy-saving elements as increased insulation, recycled materials, sustainable woods, battery storage of solar-generated electricity and geothermal cooling.

Port rivals battle for hearts, minds and votes

On social media, in the cinema, on the pages of internet blogs and newspapers, the battle for votes on the port project referendum is heating up. Citizen campaigners claim they are locked in a David vs. Goliath public relations fight. Government insists it is trying to educate and inform the people in the face of a tide of misinformation.

CCMI programme inspires students

The seven-year-old Young Environmentalist Leadership Course is designed to expose more Caymanian students to the possibilities of a career related to the marine environment, whether that’s working in the local dive industry, becoming a research scientist or something in between. 

Conference: Create road safety council

Perhaps the most important thing that may come out of last week’s Road Safety Week conference, sponsored by the National Roads Authority, was the idea of establishing a Road Safety Council in Cayman.

Second edition of ‘Trash Talks’ opens

First, it was Jimi Hendrix … fashioned from bottle caps. Now, artist Marc Laurenson has created a portrait of Mick Jagger from cast-off toys. The large...

No long-term strategy in Cayman education, report finds

In its first-ever audit of Cayman’s education system, the Office of the Auditor General describes a Ministry of Education that lacks a clear direction of where it is going. 

Stranded airline passengers take to the sea

Mechanical problems caused the pilot of a Cayman Airways Twin Otter aircraft to abort the flight from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman on Sunday morning, temporarily stranding travellers from the Sister Islands.

Inspectors say Savannah performance remains weak

Teaching quality an student behavior led concerns, although leadership has improved

Two receive scuba diving scholarships

Two young Caymanians were recently awarded scholarships to pursue training and possible careers in the dive industry. 

NRA quick fixes are tied to long-term problem

Projects in the drawing board stage at the National Roads Authority have been kicked into construction mode in recent weeks as the organisation and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service struggle to address a sudden traffic crunch.
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