Live coverage from Election Day

Nine independents win; seven Progressives; three Cayman Democratic Party

Kenneth Bryan celebrates his win in George Town Central with supporters. – Photo: James Whittaker


Conolly wants to focus on education

12:20 am update: Once the final results were announced in George Town South, winner Barbara Conolly expressed gratitude for her victory. Supporters gathered at the John Gray High School polling station to celebrate with her.

Education will be her priority focus in government. “Right now kids are not prepared to go hold jobs because of lack of education,” she said.

Ms. Conolly called the overall outcome for the Progressives bittersweet.

“I was optimistic today that my party would have gotten the majority. So right now, as happy as I am to be successful, at the end of the day I am saddened by my Progressives candidates who were not successful,” she said.

Challenger Alric Lindsay said he respected the outcome. Despite his loss, he called the election a learning experience.


A celebration erupts after Kenneth Bryan is announced the victor in George Town Central. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Bryan celebrates big win over incumbent Archer

11:50 pm update: At George Town Central, a hotly contested seat between independent Kenneth Bryan and Progressives incumbent Marco Archer, big celebrations erupted when Mr. Bryan was announced the victor.

After hoisting Mr. Bryan on their shoulders, an impromptu procession of supporters accompanied him back to his campaign headquarters. Some 150-200 people gathered to join the celebrations, blaring car horns and banging drums.

Mr. Bryan described his win as “victory for the people of George Town Central.”

Final tallies indicate that the winners include nine independents, seven members of the ruling Progressives party and three Cayman Democratic Party candidates (all in West Bay).


Barbara Conolly celebrates with voters in George Town South. – Photo: Kayla Young

Conolly says she’s heartbroken despite win

11:49 pm update: Progressives candidate Barbara Conolly said she is heartbroken despite her win in George Town South.

The party performed worse than she had hoped and she expects the coming week to bring outreach to independent candidates, that she described as a wild card for government.


‘John John’ celebrates win in Bodden Town East

11:48 pm update: Twyla Vargas, campaign manager for Dwayne “John John” Seymour, said his election was a victory for the candidate and for Bodden Town. Mr. Seymour won in Bodden Town East.

“Everybody’s worked hard for this,” she said, pointing to the celebration scenes around her. “Everybody that he had worked hard for this and we are so excited, we’re not going to sleep tonight.”

She said she had thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. “Let me tell you something, I came out of my sick bed and I’m still celebrating.”


McTaggart describes mixed atmosphere at Progressives headquarters

11:40 pm update: George Town East candidate Roy McTaggart expressed excitement for his win for the Progressives party tonight.

“I am overjoyed with the support and the vote of confidence shown by the voters in George Town East for my candidacy by electing me with this wide margin that they did. Clearly they got the right person for the job.”

He described a mixed atmosphere at the Progressives headquarters as results come in. The night has brought victories and disappointments for the party.

“It’s quite happy here. Everyone is smiling. There are a few disappointments. We understand Osbourne [Bodden] didn’t make it in. That is unfortunate. But still, there are other candidates out there that are doing quite well. We’re still waiting to hear now from Newlands. The real cliff hanger here is what happens in George Town Central.”


Independent candidate Ezzard Miller was re-elected in his ​North Side electoral district. – Photo: Carol Winker

Independents take the lead

11:35 pm update: A total of 17 seats in the next Legislative Assembly have been decided as of 11:20 p.m. Wednesday.

Nine seats went to independents Ezzard Miller, Arden McLean, Anthony Eden, Austin Harris, Chris Saunders, Kenneth Bryan, Alva Suckoo and Dwayne Seymour. Tara Rivers, an independent allied with the Progressives, has also been declared the winner in West Bay South.

Five were won by the Progressives: Moses Kirkconnell, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Joey Hew, Roy McTaggart and Alden McLaughlin.

Three have been declared for the Cayman Democratic Party: McKeeva Bush, Bernie Bush and Capt. Eugene Ebanks.

Two seats were left to be claimed. It was uncertain who would win hotly contested districts in George Town West and George Town South.


Hew celebrates decisive victory

Joey Hew celebrated a decisive victory in the George Town North district on Wednesday night.

11:30 pm update: Joey Hew celebrated a decisive victory in George Town North on Wednesday night, and he said he couldn’t have done it without the support of his family, friends and hard-working supporters.

Mr. Hew, who took 402 votes and beat his next closest competitor by 134 votes, wanted to send out a note of congratulations to both Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden and Karin Thompson.

“It’s been a long day and an interesting campaign,” he said. “Congratulations to my other two opponents who were brave enough to put themselves forward. It was a very clean campaign prior to today. We look forward to making this country a better place, and that’s why we all went into this race.”

Mr. Hew was disappointed about a few unproven allegations on social media that targeted both himself and his family, and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service put out a press release early in the day calling the allegations spurious. Mr. Hew, in the end, was proud to be vindicated by the voting.

“There was a lot of mischief today,” he said. “It was very hurtful for myself and my family. Everyone is exposed to that. There are people that love to hide behind social media and make these accusations wildly. I say to them, ‘Just think about your own kids one day.’ They may feel the effects of that.”


George Town South winner Barbara Conolly and George Town East winner Roy McTaggart.

Results as of 12:30 am (100% counted)

Bodden Town East (100% counted): Independent Dwayne Stanley “John John” Seymour finished with 427 votes over CDP candidate Robert Anthony Bodden (367). Osbourne Vendryes Bodden (Progressives) had 290 and Arnold Thomas Berry has 41.

Bodden Town West (100% counted): Independent Christopher Selvin Saunders won with 380 votes over Progressives candidate Maxine Jolevet Bodden-Robinson (306 votes); CDP’s Stafford Berry (217); and Gilbert Allan McLean (187).

West Bay North (100% counted): CDP candidate Bernie Alfredo Bush won with 436 votes over independent Mervin Jonathon Smith (269 votes); and independent Sarah Louise Orrett-Ebanks (99).

West Bay West (100% counted): CDP candidate William McKeeva Bush won with 605 votes over independent Paul Desmond Rivers (176 votes) and Daphne Louise Orrett (68).

West Bay South (100% counted): Independent candidate Tara Antoinette Rivers won West Bay South with 534 votes over CDP candidate John Dwight Jefferson (350 votes), Burns Rankin (56), and Laura Revon Young (52).

Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman (100% counted): Moses Kirkconnell III finished with 302 votes compared to Maxine Avon Moore’s 95 votes.

George Town North (100% counted): Progressives candidate Joseph Xavier Hew won the district with 402 votes. CDP candidate Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden finished second with 268 and independent Karin M. Thompson had 117.

Prospect (100% counted): Independent candidate Austin Osmond Harris, Jr. won with 466 votes over Progressives candidate Lucille Dell Seymour (329 votes) and Independent Matthew Tyrone Leslie (58).

Red Bay (100% counted): Progressives candidate Alden McLaughlin won re-election with 478 votes over Denniston Leitch Tibbetts (274 votes) and independent candidate Dr. Frank Swarres McField (92).

George Town Central (100% counted): Independent candidate Kenneth Vernon Bryan won with 495 votes to incumbent Marco Shearer Archer’s 460.

East End (100% counted): Independent candidate V. Arden McLean was re-elected with 272 votes. Independent candidates Isaac Douglas Rankine and John Bonwell McLean, Jr. had 246 and 74 votes, respectively.

George Town West (100% counted): Progressives candidate David Charles Wight won the electoral district with 350 votes. CDP candidate Jonathan Bardowell Piercy had 334; independent candidate Dennie Erling Warren, Jr., 80, and independent candidate Ellio Anthony Solomon, 93.

George Town South (100% counted): Progressives candidate Barbara Elizabeth Conolly won the district with 375 votes over Mike Adam (307 votes); Paul Wendell Hurlston (72); Alric Jeremy Lindsay (90); and Catherine Rosita Tyson (78).

Savannah (100% counted): Independent candidate Anthony Samuel Eden won the district with 446 votes. Progressives candidate Heather Dianne Bodden finished with 357 votes and Kent Ashton McTaggart took 164 votes.

North Side (100% counted): Independent candidate Ezzard Denison Miller was re-elected with 201 votes over Johany “Jay” Ebanks (179 votes), Edward Owen Chisholm (139) and Justin Craig Ebanks (75).

Newlands (100% counted): Independent candidate Alva Horatio Suckoo (433 votes) beat incumbent legislator and Progressives candidate Gurney Wayne Panton (418). Independent candidate Raul Gonzalez, Jr. finished third (156).

Cayman Brac East (100% counted): Progressives candidate Juliana O’Connor-Connolly was re-elected (225 votes) over challenger Rudolph Lenbergh Dixon (183 votes).

West Bay Central (100% counted): CDP candidate Capt. Eugene Ebanks’s 435 votes return him to the Legislature over challenger Katherine Ebanks-Wilks (342 votes).

George Town East (100% counted): Progressives candidate Roy Michael McTaggart won with 410 votes over CDP candidate Theresa Elizabeth Bodden (193 votes), Sharon Elaine Roulstone (192), and Dr. Kenrick Herbert Webster (106).


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Cayman rides in memory of Pete Ribbins

Cyclists are getting ready to pedal long distance in support of Cayman HospiceCare.


Cayman Brac West/Little Cayman
Kirkconnell, Moses (PRO) — 302
Moore, Maxine (IND) — 95
West Bay West
Bush, McKeeva (CDP) — 605
Orrett, Daphne (PRO) — 68
Rivers, Paul (IND) — 176
East End
McLean Jr., John (IND) — 74
McLean, V. Arden (IND) — 272
Rankine, Isaac (IND) — 246
George Town North
Hew, Joseph (PRO) — 402
McGaw-Lumsden, Pearlina (CDP) — 268
Thompson, Karin (IND) — 117
Harris Jr., Austin (IND) — 466
Leslie, Matthew (IND) — 58
Seymour, Lucille (PRO) — 329
George Town East
Bodden, Theresa (CDP) — 193
McTaggart, Roy (PRO) — 410
Roulstone, Sharon (IND) — 192
Webster, Kenrick (IND) — 106
Red Bay
McField, Frank (IND) — 92
McLaughlin, Alden (PRO) — 478
Tibbetts, Denniston (CDP) — 274
Bodden Town West
Berry, Stafford (CDP) — 217
Bodden Robinson, Maxine (PRO) — 306
McLean, Gilbert (IND) — 187
Saunders, Christopher (IND) — 380
Bodden, Heather (PRO) — 357
Eden, Anthony (IND) — 446
McTaggart, Kent (IND) — 164
Cayman Brac East
O’Connor-Connolly, Juliana (PRO) — 225
Dixon, Rudolph (IND) — 183
West Bay Central
Ebanks, Eugene (CDP) — 435
Ebanks-Wilks, Katherine (IND) — 342
Bodden Town East
Berry, Arnold (IND) — 41
Bodden, Osbourne (PRO) — 290
Bodden, Robert (CDP) — 367
Seymour, Dwayne (IND) — 427
West Bay North
Bush, Bernie (CDP) — 436
Orrett-Ebanks, Sarah (IND) — 99
Smith, Mervin (IND) — 269
North Side
Chisholm, Edward (PRO) — 139
Ebanks, Jay (IND) — 179
Ebanks, Justin (IND) — 75
Miller, Ezzard (IND) — 201
George Town Central
Archer, Marco (PRO) — 460
Bryan, Kenneth (IND) — 495
West Bay South
Jefferson, John (CDP) — 350
Rankin, Burns (IND) — 56
Rivers, Tara (IND) — 534
Young, Laura (IND) — 52
Gonzalez, Jr., Raul (IND) — 156
Panton, Wayne (PRO) — 418
Suckoo, Alva (IND) — 433
George Town South
Adam, Mike (CDP) — 307
Conolly, Barbara (PRO) — 375
Hurlston, Paul (IND) — 72
Lindsay, Alric (IND) — 90
Tyson, Catherine (IND) — 78
George Town West
Piercy, Jonathan (CDP) — 334
Solomon, Ellio (IND) — 93
Warren, Jr., Dennie (IND) — 80
Wight, David (PRO) — 350