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Three nighttime armed robberies in past week

An after-hours heist at the Wharf, one of Cayman’s longest serving restaurants, early Wednesday followed last week’s robbery of patrons outside a local bar.

Eastern districts cargo port plan floated

A draft proposal to construct a new cargo port in Grand Cayman’s eastern districts has been circulated to some MLAs and certain members of the local business community.

Prison building ‘beyond repair’ after lightning strike

A Sept. 27 lightning strike at Northward Prison has left the facility’s main supply storage building “beyond repair,” officials confirmed Tuesday.

Backlog of permanent residency cases grows by nearly 10 percent

The number of backlogged applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands grew by 9.2 percent over a two-week period in late September and early October, despite the efforts of immigration officials to reduce that number, the Cayman Compass has learned.

‘Pay attention’ to land sales, MLAs warn

The Cayman Islands government is now in the process of selling off an estimated $38 million worth of what it considers surplus properties, opposition politicians said Wednesday.

Government budget put off for two weeks

The Cayman Islands government has delayed the public presentation of its first two-year budget for two weeks.

Opposition: Make education a priority

Revelations that one Grand Cayman high school has a high percentage of special education needs children and that another may not finish construction for four years led opposition politicians on Wednesday to question government’s commitment to education.

Health Services Authority short 60 staff, overtime up 300%

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority has nearly 60 vacant positions which are either being covered through overtime expenses or left vacant, according to the authority’s chief executive.

Public health board ‘reluctant’ to forego unpaid patient debts

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Board has been “reluctant” to write off tens of millions of dollars in uncollected debts during recent years, leading to the accumulation of $94.5 million in bills that are unlikely to be paid but which remain on the government’s books, legislators heard Tuesday.

No anti-fraud policy yet for public hospital

Recommendations that the Cayman Islands public hospital system implement an anti-fraud policy have not been fully followed several years after the investigation into the CarePay hospital swipe-card system.

Audit: Tourism department used unsigned contracts

Delays in contract negotiation led to a situation during the government’s 2015/16 budget year where some Department of Tourism contracts were not signed until months after they took effect, according to an internal audit.

Health City driver killed Sunday in East End wreck

A man driving his motorcycle into work early Sunday died after his vehicle and a truck were involved in a collision in East End.

Audit reveals ‘immediate threat’ to Cabinet member

An ‘immediate threat’ to an unidentified Cayman Islands Cabinet member required the expenditure of more than $50,000 for security services, according to a July report made public recently by the government’s Internal Audit Service.

Former government administrator arrested in theft investigation

A former Cayman Islands government employee has been arrested in connection with a police investigation involving theft of rent money paid for the use of government facilities over a five year period.  

European Union ‘blacklist’ decision due in December

The Cayman Islands is one of 92 jurisdictions that expect to learn by December if they will be placed on a European Union “blacklist” being drawn up as part of a tax avoidance crackdown.

Second murderer challenges removal to UK

Justin D’Angelo Ramoon, 26, is the second former Northward Prison inmate to challenge his removal from the Cayman prison earlier this year to the United Kingdom, alleging that the action taken by the Cayman Islands government was unlawful.

1,100 pounds of garbage plucked from beach

Volunteers cleared more than 1,100 pounds of trash from Beach Bay beach in Bodden Town on Sunday as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness in Cayman about the environmental dangers of plastic products.
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OfReg rules for video broadcast, WiFi licensing proposed

Draft proposals to regulate information, communications and technology services in Cayman seek to exempt certain uses of wireless internet signals and internet streaming services from licensing requirements.

Cayman tallies 47 crashes in two weekends

The Cayman Islands has seen at least three weekends within the past two months with more than 20 vehicle accidents between Friday and Sunday, according to records published by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Cayman Airways fined for flying undocumented passengers

Cayman Airways did not pay more than $450,000 in government fines and fees levied against it in 2016, some of which were imposed on the airline for bringing in passengers who boarded without valid entry documents.
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