Jewel Levy, Journalist
Jewel Levy, Journalist

Jewel Levy


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For 45 years, Jewel Levy a true born Caymanian from the district of Bodden Town has dedicated her working life to the art of photography and newspaper production and journalism from the time she left John Gray High School in 1976. She joined the Caymanian Compass team as a typesetter but after a brief stay moved to the Nor’wester Group of Publications where she was involved in photography. Tired of that and wanting to further her career, she moved back to the Caymanian Compass where she again became involved in photography. In later years she joined the editorial staff as a photo-journalist and has been there ever since.

Today Jewel can be seen at many events taking pictures and writing reports for publication in the Cayman Compass. She is an example for many Caymanians to follow that once you have put your mind to accomplishing a particular career it is quite possible that you will be quite successful if given the opportunity. Jewel is now a valuable contributor to Cayman’s established media the Cayman Compass and other publications.


YMCA campers combining bake-off and cultural lessons

YMCA campers who visited the Bodden Town Mission House got to take part in a bake-off while learning about Cayman’s culture on Thursday.

Partying down on Party Lane

Party Lane in Prospect is one of the more literal road names in the Cayman Islands, named after the many parties that were held there in past years.

Police deliver message of road safety to football-playing youngsters

Summer campers learned a little more than football at the FC International Football Camp on Wednesday.

Inmates clean up roadsides through NRA program

For the inmates of Northward Prison, picking up trash to make Cayman communities more beautiful is a way to give back and grow.

East End’s John McLean Drive: Place of safety in a storm

Located off Sea View Road, past East End Primary School, John McLean Drive, once known as “Up on the Hill” runs up a steep hill leading from the coastal Sea View Road.
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Group offers help to deal with death of a child

A new resource to assist mothers, fathers, grandparents and families come to terms with their grief after the loss of a child is now on island.

Narrow Bodden Town Road challenges truckers

A collision between a car and a truck hauling aggregate closed the center of Bodden Town last week for six hours. The accident, along a strip of road near Mostyn’s Gas Station, is emblematic of the ongoing debate about the safety of the narrow road and whether trucks should be using it.

East End seniors dive into good health

Water therapy is doing wonders for 20 senior citizens in the East End district.

‘Off the Beaten Path’ sign popular with thieves

North Side’s Off The Beaten Path Road sign has often fallen victim to thieves who have claimed the sign as their own over the years.

YMCA campers gather for day of fun and sun

YMCA’s “Day of the Camps” at Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Thursday was full of big games, big ideas and big fun.

East End’s Survivors Road named as a reminder of Hurricane Ivan

The residents of what is now known as Survivors Road, off East End’s John McLean Drive, had reason to be thankful following 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

Summer camp offers porthole glimpse into ocean

Young National Trust campers recently explored life underwater aboard the semi-submarine Nautilus – Cayman’s Undersea tour attraction.

Pediatric pioneer retires at 82

Dr. Shirley Cridland, one of Cayman’s best-known and most highly respected pediatricians, is retiring this month after 42 years of providing healthcare services to the children of Cayman.

Cockspur Way home to the ‘Devil’

The name Cockspur Way in West Bay may prompt snickers from passing travelers – but for the “Devil” who lives on this street, it’s no laughing matter.

Hopewell Drive launches neighborhood watch

Police Constable Clifford Garcia, Sergeant Cornelius Pompey and other RCIPS officers joined residents of Hopewell Drive, off Will T Drive, to launch the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme on Saturday.

Song contest raises more than $10,000 for charity

The Optimist Club of George Town has donated $10,617 to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society to help childhood cancer sufferers. The Cancer Society’s project coordinator Victoria Anderson-Gray accepted the check at the Cancer Society office on Maple Road on Friday.

Girls’ Brigade off to Zambia

Eighteen delegates of Cayman Girls’ Brigade are jetting off to Africa to attend the International Conference of the Girls’ Brigade. Chairperson of the Cayman Girls’ Brigade, Debbie McLaughlin, said the conference, which occurs every four years and is being hosted in Zambia this year, takes place July 21-28.

Easy Street, once a haunted cow pasture

Local legend has it that Easy Street was possibly one of the most haunted places in all of Bodden Town. White ghosts, strange noises, feelings of creepiness and scared farmers were often reported years ago.

John Gray students’ artwork on display at GT library

A selection of around 50 pieces of student artwork celebrating Cayman is currently on display at the George Town Public Library’s historic building.

Breadfruit is this year’s bumper crop

Despite a sour mango crop this year, fickle Mother Nature has produced a bumper breadfruit crop – mostly every tree on Cayman is “loaded” with them.
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