Jewel Levy, Journalist
Jewel Levy, Journalist

Jewel Levy


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For 45 years, Jewel Levy a true born Caymanian from the district of Bodden Town has dedicated her working life to the art of photography and newspaper production and journalism from the time she left John Gray High School in 1976. She joined the Caymanian Compass team as a typesetter but after a brief stay moved to the Nor’wester Group of Publications where she was involved in photography. Tired of that and wanting to further her career, she moved back to the Caymanian Compass where she again became involved in photography. In later years she joined the editorial staff as a photo-journalist and has been there ever since.

Today Jewel can be seen at many events taking pictures and writing reports for publication in the Cayman Compass. She is an example for many Caymanians to follow that once you have put your mind to accomplishing a particular career it is quite possible that you will be quite successful if given the opportunity. Jewel is now a valuable contributor to Cayman’s established media the Cayman Compass and other publications.


Retiree’s home once owned by first National Hero

The father of retired South Sound resident Bill White quite literally moved house in 1995 when he transported a building owned by the late Jim Bodden, Cayman’s first National Hero, to a site on Walkers Road.

​​Burglars smash through walls to rob four businesses

Cayman Police are looking for burglars who broke into four establishments in Cayman Business Park in George Town by smashing through drywall and tiles early Wednesday morning.

Guy Harvey brings stingrays, turtles to Cayman Airways magazine

Well-known artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, Cayman Airways and HCP Media gathered at the Kimpton Seafire Resort to unveil a special issue of Cayman Airways Skies magazine Thursday.

The sweet story of Sticky Toffee Lane

Professional wedding photographer Rebecca Davidson named Sticky Toffee Lane after her family’s favorite dessert – sticky toffee pudding.

Veterans reward students for learning about heritage

Government primary schools are being awarded a mahogany shield by the Cayman Islands Veterans Association for learning about the island’s heritage and history.

Hebe McKenzie, 100, dies at home in Breakers

Centenarian Hebe McKenzie died Monday night, just 16 days short of her 101st birthday.

Grandparents honored at church service

Grandparents were honored in a special way at Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Sept. 9.

Jolly Roger pirate ship runs aground

Cayman’s pirate-themed ship, the Jolly Roger, broke free from its mooring during heavy rains and rough seas on Monday. It ran aground on a sandbank near shore.

Cayman weight lifters raise the bar

Spectators cheered, whistled, hollered and pumped up the 20 athletes who lifted barbells carrying weights of 200 to 300 pounds in Olympic-style weight lifting in Camana Bay this weekend.

Lions host free public eye-screening campaign

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens partnered Saturday with Optical Outlook to carry out free vision screenings for members of the public.

Cayman musician Melvin Augustine passes

Much-loved musician and bandleader Melvin Aloysious Augustine died at the Cayman Islands Hospital Friday at the age of 72, following a short illness.

Uncle Bob Road named after sea captain

Located just pass “Sticky Toffee Lane,” heading into Morgan’s Harbour, Uncle Bob Road was known years ago by the people that lived there as “Pappy Bobby” land.

Artist adorns school with paintings

Bodden Town Primary School students returned from summer break Monday to find a colorful surprise waiting for them.

National Hero living contented life at 90

Sybil Ione McLaughlin, Cayman’s only living National Hero, turns 90 years old today, Friday, Aug. 24.

Church of God West Bay marks 80 years serving community

Church of God Chapel West Bay celebrated its 80th birthday with a special service and guest speaker Sunday evening.

Church promotes drinking more water

Seventh-day Adventist churches took to the streets Friday to promote the importance of drinking more water.

YMCA campers combining bake-off and cultural lessons

YMCA campers who visited the Bodden Town Mission House got to take part in a bake-off while learning about Cayman’s culture on Thursday.

Partying down on Party Lane

Party Lane in Prospect is one of the more literal road names in the Cayman Islands, named after the many parties that were held there in past years.

Police deliver message of road safety to football-playing youngsters

Summer campers learned a little more than football at the FC International Football Camp on Wednesday.

Inmates clean up roadsides through NRA program

For the inmates of Northward Prison, picking up trash to make Cayman communities more beautiful is a way to give back and grow.
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