Builders to complete Cayman’s first utility-scale solar farm in April

Builders will begin installing 21,690 solar panels on a 22-acre east Bodden Town site next week, moving toward an April commissioning for Cayman’s first utility-scale solar project.
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Anti-FATCA lawyer rejects Europe threat to US taxpayers

The leading advocate for repeal of the U.S. Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act has called “laughable” any attempt to sanction Washington – should it rescind FATCA – for noncompliance with copycat European tax laws.

CARICOM seeks FATCA delay, but law may prove irrelevant

The Caribbean Community is looking at spending nearly quarter of a million dollars on a Washington-based consultant to lobby the Trump administration about the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act.

FATCA repeal on agenda of US Republicans

Washington’s Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act, known as FATCA, will be assailed afresh as lawyers and lobbyists renew efforts to repeal the law as part of President Donald Trump’s tax reform.

Flag-raising to mark Commonwealth Day

Local leaders and youth groups on Monday will mark Commonwealth Day’s 40th anniversary at a flag-raising ceremony from 9:45 to 10 a.m. at the Government Administration Building, part of an annual commemoration among 52 countries.

Holocaust survivor: ‘You could see the hate in their eyes’

The audience in The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman ballroom on Monday evening knew something serious was afoot when the programmed slide show preceding the appearance of Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss displayed pictures of her mother’s 1938 German passport.

‘Haven’ director Frank E. Flowers recalls actor Bill Paxton

In the wake of the recent death of Hollywood actor Bill Paxton at age 61, Caymanian filmmaker, director and screenwriter Frank E. Flowers reflected on his association with the star of his locally made film, “Haven,” in 2004.

Mental health facility details unveiled

Cayman’s first residential mental health facility will comprise nine cottages with six beds each and an administrative building on the former Northward prison farm site on 15 acres in East End, officials revealed Friday, adding that construction on the first seven cottages could start as early as the end of the year.
Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands' most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.

Pageant Beach, Treehouse sites to be redeveloped

Two long-vacant parcels in the North Church area – the site of the old Almond Tree restaurant and Treehouse residence, and Pageant Beach – appear headed for redevelopment, possibly as a hotel and “mixed-use.”

Two boats towed in harbor in high seas

One boat ran aground and another half sank in choppy waters, but both were rescued by tenders from Caribbean Marine Services, which moved between 10,000 and 12,000 cruise passengers through the stormy harbor on Wednesday.

New utilities regulator aims to bridge OfReg ‘skills gap’

The new chief executive of the commission charged with oversight of local utilities acknowledged a “skills gap,” but said he hoped to make Cayman “the Singapore of the Caribbean.” The CEO of Cayman’s new Utility Regulation and Competition Office offered a preliminary view of the issues he expected to face in his first weeks.

HospiceCare set to break ground within weeks

Groundbreaking for the new four-bedroom Cayman HospiceCare building, behind Coconut Joe’s Beach Bar and Grill on West Bay Road, is scheduled within 10 weeks, according to HospiceCare executives. Contractors have already cleared a preliminary access road into the site.

Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital to reopen maternity ward

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital will reopen its maternity ward sometime in the next couple of months, offering rebuilt rooms, new beds and a luxury environment designed to attract and retain patients.

Exploring ‘The Art of the Cayman Islands’

Somewhere between 2008 and 2012, Randy Chollette’s brain exploded. It remains a mystery as to what happened, but National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) Director Natalie Urquhart may know. In her superb, 100-page “The Art of the Cayman Islands,” Ms. Urquhart curates dozens and dozens of pictures - bright, concise and detailed photographs of artwork drawn from NGCI’s permanent collection and unnamed “private holdings.”

Energy report seeks 70 percent renewables in 20 years

A proposed national energy policy, released by government this week, seeks to have 70 percent of all Cayman’s energy generated by renewable sources in 20 years, and moving toward 100 percent sooner if possible.

US senators denounce Cayman as ‘tax haven’

U.S. Treasury Secretary-designate Steve Mnuchin on Thursday told senators that he had founded – and was a director of – a Cayman Islands hedge fund, but avoided answering if he would close the “tax haven.”

Felder to export electric cars to Cuba

This month, Cayman Islands auto dealer John Felder and his Premier Automotive Export Ltd., a subsidiary of Cayman Automotive, will become the first U.S. car company to ship American-built vehicles to Cuba.

Turtle Centre rejects DoE, animal rights critics

As the Cayman Turtle Centre moves toward its annual January breeding pond assessment and further releases of animals into the wild, new questions have arisen about the health and safety of its programs. A Dec. 10 release of 36 green sea turtles went ahead before the DOE cleared protocols.

Tourism Department seeks consultants on Latin America

Tourism minister Moses Kirkconnell hopes an effort to explore air services to South American gateway cities will boost summertime visitors. The idea, he says, is to take advantage of Southern Hemisphere seasons that are the reverse of those in Cayman’s chief tourism market, the U.S. and Canada.

Bankrupt Hewitts lament ‘attacks’

The couple made bankrupt after a court challenge to the election of Tara Rivers say they remain hopeful but regret the “broken promises” and recriminations in the wake of court testimony detailing allegations of reneged pledges of funding.
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