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New hospital payment system

The government insurance company CINICO is introducing a new card for its 13,000 customers that will streamline payment for treatment at the Cayman Islands Hospital and other Health Services Authority clinics.

Minister announces health conference

Health minister Mark Scotland on Thursday announced plans to hold Cayman’s second national healthcare conference, which this year will address how affordable, quality healthcare can be made available to every person in the country.

Chamber of Commerce poll: Turtle Farm ripe for privatisation

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce members gave highest priority to the privatisation of the Turtle Farm, Cayman Airways and Cayman’s airports, according to a recent online poll.

Planning, immigration up next in budget review

The third phase of a civil service budget review is under way.

FOI blocking attempt thwarted

Cayman's open records law takes on government-appointed boards.

CINICO’s profit: $3.5 million

The government's health insurance company posted a profit for the second consecutive year last year.

Operating room awaits cath lab

At the Cayman Islands Hospital, a renovated operating theatre awaits the arrival of a new cardiac unit donated by Indian cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty.

Free healthcare unsustainable


Free, unlimited healthcare for Cayman's civil servants is unsustainable and needs to change, a health forum attended by major players in the local health industry heard last week.

New diabetes charitable trust

Cayman's fight against the growing problem of diabetes was strengthened this month with the establishment of the Cayman Islands Diabetes Charitable Trust.

New health conference scheduled for Cayman

A second major healthcare conference will be held in Cayman this month.

CINICO seeks overseas care manager

Cayman Islands National Insurance Company is looking for a company to manage overseas care for its 13,391 members, possibly for the last time.

Former labour chief is new CINICO CEO

The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company board has appointed former head of the Department of Employment Relations, Lonny Tibbetts, as its new chief executive officer.

Children test movement suits

A three-month trial to determine the effectiveness of suits that may improve the mobility of children with neurological disorders has begun.

Civil service facing $15.2 million cut

A review team has recommended cutting CI$17 million from four government bodies, according to a newly released report.

$15M cut planned for civil service

A review team has recommended cutting CI$17 million across four government bodies, according to a newly released report.

Health billing system tendered

By next summer, a new system to track and control billing, patient identification and insurance eligibility could be in place in the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Lack of insurance payments jeopardises neurosurgery

Two neurosurgeons who service the Cayman Islands say that unless insurance companies pay to cover patients to be operated on locally, the availability of brain and spine surgeries in Cayman could be in jeopardy.

Building castles for a cause

A sandcastle competition this Saturday will raise funds for the Solomon family.

Letters to the Editor: Local hospital staff, surgery wonderful

Cataract surgery done on island was a pleasant experience.

FOI request for health-care providers raises questions

A request for a list of Cayman's overseas health care providers has been denied.

Seafarers get diet, exercise lowdown

The Seafarers held a special general meeting on 20 July.

CINICO makes first profit

The Cayman Islands National insurance company made money for the first time in 2009.

Civil Service pay cuts passed into law

Members of the Legislative Assembly voted into a law a bill to reduce the salaries of civil servants by 3.2 per cent, to take effect from Thursay, 1 July.

Civil servants: ‘We’ll take pay cut’

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association has indicated it will not oppose government plans to cut workers’ salaries by 3.2 per cent starting in July.

No quick end to budget crisis

Pay cuts and other budget reductions may just be the start as Cayman seeks to balance its finances.

Civil service pay cut in July

Employees in the Cayman Islands civil service were informed Thursday that their salaries would be cut by slightly more than three per cent starting 1 July. 

Miller Report: Privatise it!

The second recommendation of the report written by a commission tasked with analysing Cayman’s fiscal troubles suggests the government orchestrate substantial privatisation and other asset sales.

Local business women to speak at Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs conference

The conference will receive presentations from two prominent local businesswomen: Pilar Bush and Sheridan Brooks.

Gov’t ordered pension payments withheld

Several million dollars worth of pension payments to Cayman Islands civil servants

Little debate offered on budget

In a departure from the norm, only three members of the Legislative Assembly offered debate contributions to the Governor's Throne Speech and the proposed new budget.

New policies revealed

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush revealed some of the policies his government intends to implement to stimulate Caymans economy in his policy address on Budget Day on Friday.

Control medical care prices

I agree with Mr. Bush about direct taxation. A way for the Government to reduce their cost is to have civil servants pay for their medical insurance and also for their families.

Reform insurance

I agree with Mr. Bush about direct taxation. A way for the Government to reduce their cost is to have civil servants pay for their medical insurance and also for their families.

Reform insurance

I agree with Mr. Bush about direct taxation. A way for the Government to reduce their cost is to have civil servants pay for their medical insurance and also for their families.

Creating a national black list

Please allow me to make the following contribution to our current economic crisis.

Canover Watson named HSA chair

Young Caymanian accountant and fund administrator Canover Watson has been named new chairman of the Health Services Authority Board.

McLaughlin says goodbye to government

This statement is being sent to you to confirm that as of the date of its preparation, Wednesday July 8, 2009, I have still had no discussion or communication with anyone in an official capacity about my "removal" as chairman of CIMA.

Pay for WestStar/WestTel at post office

Customers paying their utility bills at post offices in Grand Cayman using the "Pay at Post" service can now pay their cable and internet bills from WestStar/WestTel.

CIMA defends Rowell hiring

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority defended its controversial decision to hire Gordon Rowell to head up its insurance division.

Workshop raises HIV/AIDS awareness

A workshop aimed at raising awareness of, and sensitivity towards, HIV/AIDS health reporting was recently held.

Living conditions report released

A final report on the assessment of living conditions, which found just under 2 per cent of Cayman's population lived below the poverty line, has been released.

2008: A look back on a busy year for news

Constitutional review
On Saturday 12 January, the Peoples Progressive Movement released a summary of proposals for a new constitution at a public event at Pedro St. James Castle. The 12page document proposed several changes

PPM: audit delays not our fault

Leaders of the People's Progressive Movement Government have sought to distance themselves from blame over late government accounts, saying there is little they can do to make civil servants get the reports done.

Where are our statesmen?

Benjamin Franklin, following the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 said, "There are several parts of this Constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them. …It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does…"

CINICO dumps CareGuide plan

A controversial Cayman Islands National Insurance Company plan to give the contract for managing the overseas care of its patients to a cash-strapped Florida company has been dumped.

Rowell: ‘I could have done better’

Cayman Islands National Insurance Company CEO Gordon Rowell told the Legislative Assembly Monday he was resigning because he hadn't done the best he could for the national insurer.

MLA: Prioritise spending

Backbench MLA Osbourne Bodden said residents need to prioritise their spending habits as a way of dealing with the economic downturn.

HIC targets small businesses

The Health Insurance Commission will look more closely to ensure small businesses owners are complying with the Health Insurance Law after getting a conviction two weeks ago against Marksman Electronics and Security Services Company Ltd.

Health services lose $18m

The combined losses of the Health Services Authority and the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (CINICO) will total $17.8 million in the current budget year.

Health care system is ailing

On our return home ten days ago, we were greeted by the Compass headline 'Ridley: No obvious benefit to CINICO'.

Ridley: No obvious benefit to CINICO

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Chairman Tim Ridley said Wednesday he feared government would have to heavily subsidise CINICO - the government-owned insurance company - long into the future.

Possible health insurance loophole

Many Cayman Islands health insurance providers are reducing maximum lifetime benefits on some of their policies for retirees and other older people, which two former legislators say was not the intention of the law.

TBC track no Wembley

Permit me to voice a dissenting opinion on the fact that both the Minister of Sport and the Chairman of the CIAA feel that the track of the renovated Truman Bodden Sport Complex should not be open to the public.

Track is no Wimbledon

While Mr. Murrays comment and reasoning have some validity I am disappointed at the arrogance and tone of his pronouncements.

CINICO gets gov’t bailout

The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company received a CI$9.2-million letter of credit from the government in a motion put forward by Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson

Heart device has big promise in CI

A small device that monitors heart activity, sending the results to specialists in Florida, could improve health outcomes for cardiac patients in Cayman.

$3M awarded in contract

In the past two weeks the Central Tenders Committee awarded just over $3 million worth of contracts covering the supply of hot mix, health care systems, Cayman Islands public relations

Seafarer’s celebrate the season

Members of the Cayman Islands Seafarers Association gathered at the meeting hall on Shamrock Road for their annual Christmas dinner and raffle Saturday.

Health Insurance in the spotlight

Several recent incidents, including the serious injury and eventual death of an uninsured man, have underscored problems with the Cayman Islands' mandatory health insurance scheme.

$51M tagged for the needy

The government has allocated more than $51 million in the current budget to assist people of need.

Expert outlines new diabetes treatments

Impressive new advances in diabetes treatments hold promise for patients, but at the end of the day, no treatment is as effective as good lifestyle management, like healthy eating and regular exercise.

Diabetes seminars this week

Dr. Luigi Meneghini of the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami will give seminars on the latest advances in diabetes treatment and patient care this week.

Diabetes forum set

Quality health care for people with diabetes will be the focus of a forum presented by the Diabetes Support Group.

Eden: Free healthcare must go

Health Minister Anthony Eden has foreshadowed big changes to the way healthcare is funded in the Cayman Islands, warning the present system will cripple government if left unchecked.

Uninsured healthcare queried

Many uninsured or underinsured Caymanians requiring overseas medical care are being sent to Jamaica where healthcare is cheaper. Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on 28 May

CINICO in the Brac

CINICO representatives will be in Cayman Brac today to accept applications into their private insurance plans for the elderly, health impaired and low income programmes. The enrolment period is available from December to the end of January, 2007.

Health coverage may expand

Veterans and retired seafarers could be in for a break when it comes to paying for health care costs if a motion tabled by Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush is passed.

Flu shots now available

Flu shots are now available though this first supply is limited. Priority will be given those at highest risk for flu complications, such as, the elderly and those of any age with chronic illnesses

Post offices to open Saturdays

Cayman's post office will now be open Saturdays. All 15 post offices will be open from 9am to 12.30pm, starting this Saturday.

Cayman in brief

Members of the community can participate in the Sexual Harassment and Stalking Survey throughSept. Complete the survey online at www.protectcayman.com/survey or complete a printed survey

Air ambulance issue causes stir

Health Minister Anthony Eden defended the decision to seek a single vendor for air ambulance service patients of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company.

Health insurance checklist

CINICO, the national health insurance company, advises its members to prepare for local and overseas emergencies - including disasters - by gathering critical information on personal medical records to safeguard

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