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UK Police officers leave

Fourteen veteran police officers seconded to Cayman last month to help the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service with criminal investigations returned to the United Kingdom Friday morning.

New police officers arrive in Cayman

Fourteen British police officers arrived on Grand Cayman Wednesday.

Op Cealt going in-house to RCIPS

Remaining inquires arising from the police corruption investigation dubbed Operation Cealt will be undertaken by a new anti-corruption unit in the Royal Cayman Island Police Services

Censorship of the media

Letter writer believes government should take some control over media.

Busy first day for new governor

The public will get their first look at the new governor when he arrives on a flight from Miami shortly before midday on Friday.

Stingray City bar protest planned

A protest against the new Stingray City 'floating bar' boat is to take place in Heroes' Square, George Town on Monday.

Man killed in shooting

A 27-year old male was found dead early Tuesday morning, the victim of Cayman's apparent eighth homicide of the year.

Business Outlook will appeal to a wide audience

The Cayman Business Outlook, an annual event presented by Fidelity, is making a name for itself as a must-attend event in Cayman's conference calendar.

Constitutional bodies get appointments

Nine appointments to three of the bodies established under the 2009 Caymanian Constitution have been announced.

Floating bar must pass inspections

The licence granted for the proposed new 'floating bar' at Stingray City is an in-principle document pending the meeting of all legal requirements and responsibilities by the establishment.

Jamaica’s top cop set to shake things up

Shortly after arriving at Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) headquarters in St Andrew

District council office opening spurs budget update

A grand opening and ribbon cutting was held on Saturday, 24 October for the first Bodden Town District Council Office.

Time for commissioner meeting

It is gratifying to note that the Leader of Government Business has requested the Commissioner of Police to update the government on the latest spate of crime in Cayman.

Police chief answers MLAs’ call

Commissioner of Police David Baines updated members of the Legislative Assembly on the latest murders, robberies and burglaries that have been plaguing the island.

Gov’t issues police chief summons

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush has summoned the Commissioner of Police David Baines to brief the government about the latest spate in crime in Cayman.

Gov defends Op Tempura

Editor's note: the following is the full text of a statement released by Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack regarding recent public reports about a special police investigation into alleged corruption and misconduct in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Rudi Dixon not guilty

A Grand Court jury has found that Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon did not improperly interfere in a matter involving a retired police officer suspected of driving under the influence.

Employers contribute to crime woes

In the Caymanian Compass of Friday, 2 October, Commissioner of Police David Baines stated, "Burglaries tend to be associated with unemployment and people being laid off."

Defence witness references former DUI court case

Attorney Waide DaCosta appeared in Grand Court on Monday as a witness called by Defence Attorney Jonathan Rose in the trial of suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon.

Dixon denies ordering release

Suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon denied in court Friday that he ordered the release of a retired senior officer who was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in April 2004.

Rudi Dixon’s trial begins

Trial began on Monday for suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon.

Police chief willing to listen

Police Commissioner David Baines says he is willing to consider arming Marine Enforcement Officers so they can better protect themselves on the job.

Martin offers no defence in trial

The trial against former MLA Lyndon Martin could soon draw to a close after he refused to offer any evidence. Martin is being tried for falsely accusing someone else of a crime and doing an act tending to pervert the course of public justice

Lyndon Martin not guilty

By unanimous verdicts on Thursday afternoon, a Grand Court jury found Lyndon Martin not guilty of the two charges he had faced since March 2008.

Jurors left to ponder Martin’s fate

Prosecution and Defence Counsel in Martin's trial agreed on two things, but not much else: Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis was not in a corrupt relationship with Cayman Net News publisher Desmond Seales; and Mr. Ennis did not leak sensitive police information to Mr. Seales.

Kernohan gives evidence

Former Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan gave evidence via video link on Thursday in the trial of Lyndon Martin.

Publisher denies police source

Cayman Net News owner, publisher and editor-in-chief Desmond Seales evidence on Wednesday afternoon in the trial of Lyndon Martin, whom he called a "second liar" after calling another Crown witness, John Evans, a liar.

Issue is what Martin believed, defence says

The issue in the trial of Lyndon Martin is not whether Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis was leaking sensitive material to the publisher of Cayman Net News, Martin's lead counsel told the jury on Tuesday.

Crown contends Martin lied

Andrew Radcliffe QC told a Grand Court jury on Monday that allegations Lyndon Martin had made against Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis were false and invented.

Ousted cop to return Monday

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) Commissioner David Baines said Friday that Chief Superintendent John Jones has been exonerated in a disciplinary review and will return to work Monday 31 August.

Lyndon Martin’s trial date confirmed

Attorneys agreed on Wednesday that the trial of Lyndon Martin will start as scheduled on 31 August.

Details of new shooting emerge

Police have confirmed details of a previously unreported 28 June shooting in the troubled Rock Hole area of George Town, after enquiries by the Caymanian Compass.

No arrest in Samuels slaying

Despite a large crowd being in the area where Omar Barton Samuels was shot dead early Sunday morning, police are still appealing for witnesses and had not made any arrests in the case at press time Tuesday.

Top cop begins

Cayman's acting police chief James Smith stepped down on Friday to make way for his replacement, David Baines.

Crime increases

An increase in burglaries is one of the main factors behind a slight hike in crime figures for the first three months of this year.

Elderly US couple fleeced

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Faced with the stunning realisation that her ageing parents had been conned out of their US$300,000 (approximately J$26.7 million) life savings by Jamaican lottery-scam artists, a South Florida nurse is now in shock and distress.

First quarter rise in crime

An increase in burglaries is one of the main factors behind a slight hike in crime figures for the first three months of this year.

Waiting to learn the truth

The Caymanian Compass article captioned Kernohan sues Governor, dated 27 May, 2009, referenced.

Burmon Scott sues police

Former Police Inspector Burmon Scott is suing police for false arrest plus damage to his reputation and loss of earnings.

Kernohan sues Governor

Former top cop vows 'extraordinary revelations'

Attorneys for former Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan have filed a claim against Governor Stuart Jack and others, seeking damages for alleged unlawful termination of employment plus loss of reputation and future loss of earnings.

Kernohan sues for damages

Attorneys for former Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan have filed a claim against Governor Stuart Jack and others, seeking damages for alleged unlawful termination of employment plus loss of reputation and future loss of earnings.

Dixon trial slated for September

Several cases of interest appeared in Grand Court for mention and sentencing Friday 15 May.

Chief Justice denied by top cops

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie insisted on a criminal investigation into newspaper letters criticising him and other judges, but was rebuked by top police commanders.

Kernohan, Jones cleared

Acting Commissioner Police James Smith issued a statement on Friday saying RCIPS Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Chief Superintendent John Jones would not face criminal charges arising out of the Operation Tempura Investigation.

Baines named new police chief

Cheshire Police Assistant Chief Constable David Baines has been named as the Cayman Islands' new Commissioner of Police this afternoon.

No innocent purpose for bullet-proof vest

There can be no innocent purpose for having a bullet-proof vest without permission of the Chief of Police, Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale said in handing down a sentence of 12 months for the offence.

Gilbert wants Cayman lottery

Former legislator Gilbert McLean launched his campaign for re-election last week, promising to introduce a national lottery if elected.

DPP tackles cop cases

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Pushing to clear the backlog of files received from the Bureau of Special Investi-gations, Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn has instructed detectives to arrest 14 of their colleagues for criminal offences, ranging from murder to assault.

Smith stands by gun crackdown

Acting Police Commissioner James Smith is making no apologies for his hard-line attitude toward guns in Cayman.

RCIPS vs. rule of law

For those who do not understand my point yet, it's about supporting the rule of law.

New police website up and running

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has launched a new website.

104 arrested over holidays

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service made 104 arrests over the festive season for various offences including drugs, burglary, assault, theft and traffic offences.

Grand Court gets six divisions

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie announced plans for a commercial division of the Grand Court at the court's ceremonial opening on Wednesday.

Roundabout editorial had misinformation

Your recent editorial on roundabouts is timely but the information given is in-correct and is adding to the misinformation already out in the community.

Jamaica MP faces arrest

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Government minister James Robertson is facing arrest after reportedly using abusive language at a police team in the aftermath of an alleged gunfight in Norris, St Thomas, on Saturday.

Today’s Editorial for December 30: Apology to public needed

Last week, Acting Commissioner of Police James Smith offered an apology in Grand Court to Justice Alexander Henderson for the distress caused him by his unlawful arrest in September by members of the UK Metropolitan Police.

Man charged for bullet-proof vest

Donnovan Joshua Petterson, 36, appeared in Summary Court on Wednesday, 24 December, charged with possession of a bullet-proof vest.

Apology now, money later

Acting Commissioner of Police James Smith offered an unreserved apology to Justice Alexander Henderson for the distress caused by the judge's unlawful arrest on 24 September and the unlawful searches of his home and office the same day.

CIRSAC encourages road safety

The Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council recently launched a road safety campaign entitled, Do your part to keep our roads safe.

Police begin holiday patrols

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has begun its annual Christmas policing operations to ensure the community has a safe holiday season.

Police chief steps out

Cayman's new Acting Police Commissioner, James Smith, says he is thrilled to be heading up the RCIPS after being overlooked for the job for former Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan in mid-2005.

Police crackdown

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Police personnel will not be able to pursue jobs outside the Jamaica Constabulary Force, effective November 1, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Shields said.

Bridger over troubled waters

After conducting a Judicial Review into the lawfulness or otherwise of warrants to search Justice Alex Henderson's home and office last month, Sir Peter Cresswell said in a judgment issued Wednesday he had no hesitation in granting the relief sought by Mr. Henderson's application to the court.

Justice Henderson wins

Justice Alex Henderson has won his application for warrants to be set aside that had been issued to search his home and office on 24 September.

Review judgment expected this week

After four days of determining issues, submitting affidavits and agreeing on a timeline, attorneys took 10 hours over Thursday and Friday to argue the question for Judicial Review: Were the warrants issued for the search of Justice Alex Henderson's home and office lawful?

Rayle Roberts speaks out

Rayle Roberts, the husband of the late Estella Scott-Roberts, has spoken out about his loss and the unimaginable pain that has resulted from persistent rumours circulating the community implicating him in the savage killing of his wife.

Review evidence not being shared

A 48-paragraph affidavit has been submitted to Justice Peter Cresswell in the ongoing Judicial Review of the decision to issue search warrants for the home and office of Justice Alex Henderson last month.

Let’s unite

The Police Law 2006 revision allows for the Commissioner of Police (presumably this power is conferred to an Acting Commissioner also) to invoke a cordon, (which is what is desired by the residents, not a curfew, a curfew just keeps people in their homes)

Jamaicans living in the US lost their homes

Some have since resorted to paying rent, while others have returned home.

Met team denied search warrant

Cayman Islands Chief Justice Anthony Smellie refused two separate requests for search warrants by UK investigators against Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and one of his top lieutenants

Kernohan refutes Cabinet

Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan issued a scathing statement Friday blaming Cabinet for delaying the delivery of the already-purchased Eurocopter 1999 model helicopter for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Today’s Editorial for September 5: Commissioner won’t be welcomed back

For possible sale: one used Eurocopter 1999 model helicopter. Can be seen in the United States. Asking price is $2.8 million obo. Call the Cayman Islands Government and make an offer.

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