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Donation helps kids ‘find magic in reading’

The first delivery of Roald Dahl books arrived at George Town Primary School on Tuesday morning, courtesy of Camana Bay and Books & Books. In all, 120 Dahl books are being donated to all 15 public primary and secondary schools in Cayman.

Minds Inspired wraps up another session

Dart recently hosted the final session of its Minds Inspired Career Mentoring Program.

Customer service focus of Dart training

Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. has introduced a new customer service training program for all public-facing positions in Camana Bay, including its security, janitorial and facilities team members, the company said in a press release.

Kirkconnell: Hotel closure won’t impact room stock

When Grand Cayman Beach Suites on Seven Mile Beach closes in September, it likely will not have a long-term impact on tourism accommodations on island, according to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell.

Camana Bay's decorations lauded in USA Today Travel

The Christmas decorations at Camana Bay have been noticed abroad and were featured in the Caribbean section of USA Today Travel last week.

NRA cites concerns with Dart road plan application

The National Roads Authority says it is concerned traffic delays on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway abutting Camana Bay will shift to the Lawrence Boulevard roundabout after the Dart Group widens the road through its development if the section south of the roundabout is not widened to four lanes as well.

Dart submits application for Esterley Tibbetts relocation

Dart submits a planning application for the realignment and widening of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway near Camana Bay.

If you're single and you know it, grab a fork!

Single diners need not stay at home or in their hotels to eat alone. There are great dining experiences to be enjoyed around Grand Cayman where singles can mingle.

Spooktacular Halloween events

Camana Bay's Spooktacular returns to entertain trick-or-treaters of all ages. Here is a round-up of all the events on offer.

18 Forum Lane: 
Rising to new heights

Dart Realty and DECCO executives joined construction workers, architects, government officials and well-wishers in a “topping out” ceremony at 18 Forum Lane at Camana Bay.

Tasting menu celebrates peak harvest season

Progressive dinner 'The Flavour Tour' part of a line-up of enhanced offerings at Camana Bay's weekly farmers market

Case dismissed: legal road 
to nowhere

The story around the West Bay Road lawsuit might make sense in a land full of lawyers, but it doesn't make sense to us.

Okay, Government, now it’s your turn

The largest employer in the Cayman Islands plays by a different set of rules.

Goodbye, Courtyard Marriott

Dart is dismantling the former Courtyard Marriott structure.

Feedback sought on BT dump

An environmental impact study seems to show that the proposed dump in Bodden Town will have little impact on the surrounding environment.

Public Beach details revealed

Details of the planned enhancement of Public Beach called for under the National Roads Agreement were hashed out this week between the Cayman Islands Government and Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd.

Old Courtyard Marriott coming down

Dart Realty has decided to demolish the Courtyard Marriott Hotel instead of renovating it.

Courtyard Marriott demolition begins

Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. has decided to demolish the Courtyard Marriott Hotel and build a new hotel rather than renovating the existing structure.

Questions about dump remain

Writer wants answers about reloation of dump in George Town in the Cayman Islands.

Dart road deal finalised

The addendum to the agreement between the Dart Group and Cayman’s National Roads Authority has been finalised, clearing the way for the redevelopment of the former Courtyard Marriott Hotel, the enhancement of the Seven Mile Public Beach and the eventual closure of stretch of West Bay Road.

Blue Dragons receive makeover

The Blue Dragons, Cayman's larger than life sculptures of blue iguanas are receving a facelift

Leadership Cayman graduates celebrate programme completion

The 2012 Leadership Cayman (LC) class celebrated their graduation on June 27, at Ristorante Pappagallo with family and friends. The evening gave the 25 graduates a chance to reflect on their year.

Dart offers new scholarship

Dart is offering a new scholarship to high school students.

Year in review The top stories of September 2011

News in September 2011

Editorial for 30 December: Have a safe, happy New Year

Cayman Free Press wishes all a safe, happy New Year.

Bring it on in 2012

Writer urges people to look forward to new year.

Tourism upgrade needed

Writer says the Cayman Islands needs to upgrade its offering to tourists.

Editorial for 29 December: Holiday roads are a wreck

More senseless road deaths in the Cayman Islands.

Editorial for 28 December: Use caution when swimming

The Caribbean Sea can be deadly to swimmers.

Editorial for 23 December: Find Christmas within ourselves

Christmas is the time to reflect and find kindess within ourselves in the Cayma Islands.

Christmas is not a mystery

Writer urges people in the Cayman Islands to remember the reason for the season.

Premier sends Christmas wishes

The Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush sends Christmas wishes.

Remember reason for season

Cayman Islands Leader of Opposition Alden McLaughlin sends Christmas wishes.

Think of fellow man

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor sends Christmas message.

Christmas party to remember

Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital throws perfect Christmas party in the Cayman Islands.

Education Cayman’s remedy to its woes

Writer to the Caymanian Compass says education is the key.

Editorial for 22 December: Train our own to do local work

The Cayman Islands needs to train its own people to fill jobs such as 911 operators.

Editorial for 21 December: Filthy beaches are a shame

Some of the lesser known beaches on Grand Cayman are a mess.

Time for an empowerment council

Writer's experiences of being shot has spurred him to start an empowerment council.

Editorial for 20 December: Liquor plans up to lawmakers

The Members of the Legislative Assembly in the Cayman Islands should have set New Year's liquor hours.

Uplift us from poverty

Writer wants Cayman Islands government to divert money to help Caymanians.

Editorial for 19 December: Misinformation growing

Both the media and the public have a responsibility to deal with the growing amount of misinformation.

Let people decide who builds dock

Writer says it's time to build a cruise ship dock in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman needs Christmas present

Writer believes Cayman needs an injection of employment.

Commissioner takes issue

The Cayman Islands Commissioner of Police takes issue with an editorial from the Caymanian Compass.

West Bay Road deal gets nod

The Cayman Islands Cabinet approved this week a agreement between Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. and the National Roads Authority that paves the way for the immediate commencement of a host of infrastructure projects.

A kite too far

Writer complains about kite flying regulations in the Cayman Islands.

Editorial for 15 December: Going against our traditions

The Cayman Islands should be applauded for extending the ban on Nassau grouper fishing.

Make liquor store hours even

Writer demands fair playing field for liquor stores in the Cayman Islands.

Caymanians must have control

Writer says Caymanians must have control over raising their children.

Glamorous Granny alive, well

Glamorous Granny Pageant founder denies rumours of event's death.

Editorial for 14 December: It’s time for some answers

The Cayman Islands law enforcement services need to answer US federal investigation.

Students make plea to extend fishing ban

Cayman Prep students urge an extension of the ban on fishing for Nassau Grouper in the Cayman Islands.

Editorial for 13 December: Give the gift of blood and life

The Cayman Islands Blood Bank is looking for a few blood donors.

Pondering Cayman’s new dock

writer says bodden town needs a proper dock.

Nassau Grouper gorgeous, personable fish

Student says Nassau Grouper a personable fish.

Editorial for 12 December: Make cell phone ban complete

Cell phone use while driving should be banned in the Cayman Islands.

Stop settling for garbage

Advice from columnist Catherine Tyson on relationships.

Editorial for 09 December: If you don’t speak, don’t complain

The people of the Cayman Islands have an opportunity to weigh in on immigration policy.

Answer is to limit grouper catch

Cayman Prep student suggests limiting catch of groupers in the Cayman Islands.

Have intelligent discussions

Writer says the Cayman Islands must engage in full dialogue among all aspects of society for way forward.

Editorial for 08 December: Budget now for insurance hikes

Disasters around the world will increase insurance rates in the Cayman Islands.

Deloitte: Dart deal a major economic stimulus

A financial analysis study conducted by Deloitte has concluded that the ForCayman Investment Alliance plans known as the West Bay Corridor Project would significantly stimulate growth in Cayman’s GDP, employment and government revenue.

Give groupers a chance to spawn

Cayman Prep student wants to protect Nassau Groupers in the Cayman Islands.

Stop Cayman’s artificial growth

Writer believes the Cayman Islands has artificial growth through development.

Editorial for 06 December: Budget austerity?

We fully agree with Premier McKeeva Bush’s statements regarding a time for budget austerity and a move away from “business as usual” within the Cayman Islands government service.

Sustainable answer to waste

Writer has answers for waste in the Cayman Islands.

Editorial for 06 December: The wrong impression

Following claims from Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin that a decision to ban journalists from carrying electronic communications devices while in the Legislative Assembly was “an affront to democracy”, Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence decided to set the record straight “lest we give the public the wrong impression”.

Celebrate volunteers today

The Cayman Islands is celebrating volunteers on Monday.

Extended Nassau Grouper ban needed

Cayman Prep student wants extension on Nassau Grouper fishing ban.

Editorial for 05 December: The new 800 pound gorilla

There is a lot at stake with having China Harbour build the port project. The country deserves to know its intentions.

Extend Nassau Grouper fishing ban

Student wants ban on Nassau Grouper fishing in the Cayman Islands extended.

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