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Failed escape raises concerns

An investigation is being conducted into what Cayman Islands Immigration officials said was a foiled escape attempt by several Cubans at the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town.

Workers must re-take test

Some work permit holders who already have jobs here may be required to take the updated version of the Cayman Islands Immigration Departments English test before getting their permits renewed.

Conferences stress safety, sentencing

For the first time, delegates from separate law enforcement and legal conferences met together in Grand Cayman this week to discuss how best to secure the region from threats of crime and terrorism.

Half PR grants OK’d

Roughly half of the applications for permanent residence reviewed since the new point system went into effect last year have been granted.

Frustration led to Cuban’s escape

Lester Camejo Suarez didnt run away from the Cayman Islands Immigration Detention Centre on Christmas night because he was trying to avoid repatriation to Cuba.

Immigration criticized for record-keeping

The Cayman Islands government watchdog said the Department of Immigration and Customer Service has not fixed a problem, which led to the alleged harassment of a Caymanian man at the airport.

Wild week for Immigration

The past holiday week was no vacation for the Department of Immigration and Customer Service. There was an escape, an attempted suicide and a growing number of Cuban detainees packed into its George Town detention centre.

Cuban migrant escapee caught

A Cuban migrant who went free for nearly three days after escaping from the Immigration Department's George Town detention centre Christmas night was captured Thursday afternoon.

$1M needed for Immigration staffing

Some $950,000 is needed for extra personnel at the Department of Immigration and Customer Service.

Today’s Editorial December 29: And we resolve to…

Once in a while we like to step away from the serious fray of the world and have a little fun. Thats what we intend to do today with our annual New Years resolution column.

30-50 to get mandatory residence

Only an estimated 30-50 people qualify to get mandatory grants of permanent residence because they were here at least 15 years as of 1 January 2004. Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts revealed the estimate during his debate on the Immigration (Amendment) (No.2) Bill.

Afghans get leave to stay

Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson granted exceptional leave to remain in the Cayman Islands to three Afghanistan citizens who have been here for more than six years with un-landed immigrant status.

Work Permit process ‘broken’

The Cayman Islands Immigration Director and an Opposition Member of the Legislative Assembly both said this week that the system for dealing with foreign job-seekers needs an overhaul.

OCC: English test for immigrants fair

The Cayman Island's Office of the Complaints Commissioner said last week that it's pleased with improvements made to the Department of Immigration's English-proficiency test, which is given to workers who come to the islands from non-English speaking countries.

Immigration debate next week

The current meeting of the Legislative Assembly will resume next Monday so that the Government can address the Immigration Amendment Bill.

Staffing Plan deadline extension proposed

The deadline for submitting Business Staffing Plans to the Government for companies required to do so will be extended to 31 March 2007. The current deadline has been extended twice in the past already 31 December 2006.

Immigration gets customer friendly

The Cayman Islands Department of Immigration has opened a call centre aimed at speeding up response to customer enquiries.

Immigration tests new call system

The Immigration Department is seeking public feedback on its new call centre, officially called the Communications Centre, to eliminate any logistical problems before it becomes fully operational within the next few weeks.

Jamaican dilemma detailed

The need for the rollover policy in the face of possibly thousands of Jamaicans becoming Caymanian was discussed at the Council of Associations' Immigration Forum on Friday afternoon.

Decision on Afghan refugees this week

The fate of the three Afghan refugees who arrived in the Cayman Islands in 2000 will be announced this week. The news was revealed by Immigration Chief Franz Manderson in Finance Committee Monday.

Chamber immigration forum set

The Chamber of Commerce will host a forum on the proposed amendments to the Immigration Law on Friday at 3pm at the Westin Casuarina Resort.

Immigration forum set

The Chamber of Commerce will host a forum on the proposed amendments to the Immigration Law on Friday at 3pm at the Westin Casuarina Resort.

Rollover solution in education

The rollover policy will not allow for the Caymanianisation of the workforce without a massive commitment to education, training and enforcement by both the Caymanian public and Government agencies.

New English test welcome

The Immigration Department will begin giving a new English skills test to work permit holders arriving from non-English speaking countries in early October. The new fourpart written test takes about 20 minutes to complete and will give a good indication of a persons English language proficiency.

Sham marriages rising

Marriages of Convenience, as they are called in Cayman law, are on the rise. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson said the Immigration Department is investigating several marriages that appear to have been entered into to avoid provisions of the Immigration Law.

English test revised

The Immigration Department has developed a new English skills test to give to prospective foreign workers. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson said he expected the Immigration Department would start conducting the new tests on 2 October, after a public education campaign.

Immigration call centre near

A call centre that will ensure telephone calls made to the Immigration Department get answered quickly will become operational by October. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson spoke about the benefits to members of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals last week.

Rollover loophole exists

A loophole in the Immigration Law allows expatriates to avoid the seven-year term limit by leaving the island for six months. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson confirmed the loophole when he spoke at the AGM of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professional.

Work permit overhaul called for

Major statutory changes to the system of granting work permits must be made to significantly reduce the processing times for annual permits. The grant process is currently about two and a half months behind, Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson said.

Over-stayers still in Cayman

Some of the 1,500 illegal over-stayers estimated to be here last year remain in the Cayman Islands.

Evacuation refusal means arrest

People who refuse to leave unsafe areas when evacuation is ordered during a hurricane will be arrested.

Chief Immigration officer honoured

Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson was honoured for his modern-day heroism at a Grand Old House luncheon recently. Partly responsible for putting Cayman back on its feet after Hurricane Ivan

Airport arrivals to be photographed

An automated system that will check the authenticity of travel documents, read machine-readable passports and photograph visitors will be put in place at the Owen Roberts International Airport, Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson told the Finance Committee last week.

Immigration tackling backlog

Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson told the Finance Committee last week the Immigration Department has temporarily assigned a staff member to address the backlog of work permit disposition letters.

Today’s Editorial May 24: System will speed up Immigration

Smile, visitor, you're about to be on Cayman camera. Well, actually Immigrations camera. An automated system is being put in place at Owen Roberts International Airport that would, among other things, snap a photograph of incoming tourists.

Four overstayers counted

Only four foreigners have overstayed their permission to remain in Cayman since new visa requirements were implemented for Jamaica and three Central American countries last November

Immigration graduates lauded

In a festive graduation ceremony, 11 Immigration Department officers were presented certificates and recognised for their hard work in training and, for those already in the role, for their performance as officers.

More Cubans rescued at sea

Another small group of Cubans was rescued out at sea, this time in rough waters between Mexico and Cuba.

Fixed Term Work Permits now law

An amendment to the Immigration Law (2003) giving the Chief Immigration Officer authority to grant nine-month Fixed-term Work Permits to certain expatriate workers is now law.

CITA calling for grace period

A brain drain will occur unless there is flexibility with the timeline for allowing applications for exempted employees, a special meeting to educate Cayman Islands Tourism Association members

Report addresses English skills test

Immigration officials have been given until May to comply with a report's recommendations over the English skills test given to people coming to work in Cayman.

UK specialists lead workshop for Immigration

Frontline immigration officers who manage Cayman's incoming and outgoing travellers were recently updated on techniques that will help them to be more effective on the job.

Labour force expands

The expatriate labour force has expanded to include nationals from 112 different countries, according to Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson.

Overstaying charge is withdrawn

After a charge of working without a permit was dismissed, an employee returned to Summary Court on Monday for trial on a charge of overstaying.

Bounty Killer decision reasonable

Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson acted well within his jurisdiction when he decided to refuse temporary work permits for the band Bounty Killer, Mr. Justice Alex Henderson ruled on Monday.

UN rep meets with Cuban migrants

A protection officer from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees visited Grand Cayman prior to the repatriation of 51 Cubans over the past weekend.

Censorship issues in Court

A petition for the judicial review of a decision made by Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson with respect to his refusal to grant temporary permits for the members of the band Bounty Killer was heard in Grand Court Wednesday.

Cubans threaten to riot

Police were called to the Immigration Reception Centre at Fairbanks after a report that Cubans being held there were threatening a disturbance on Thursday.

Ivan memo was not a work permit

A memorandum issued after Hurricane Ivan allowed certain persons to enter the Cayman Islands, but it did not allow them to work.

Work permit charges in court

Various charges relating to employment without a work permit and overstaying have been vigorously opposed in Summary Court trial that entered its third day Thursday, with the defence case ready to begin.

Cubans recovered

All 15 Cuban migrants who were at large over the weekend have been located and returned to more secure accommodations, says a GIS press release.

Immigration amnesty extended

The Department of Immigration's amnesty programme for people here illegally, originally scheduled to end today, has been extended until 6 January.

Today’s Editorial December 12: Christmas comes for overstayers

If you're reading this and you know you're in this country illegally you'd better get busy. Illegal overstayers are being given a Christmas present of sorts for the next two weeks.

Overstayers given amnesty

The Department of Immigration announced Thursday an amnesty from prosecution for overstayers effective today through 23 December.

Ja visa requirements begin today

The Jamaican Government is remaining tightlipped over whether it will invoke a reciprocal visa arrangement with the Cayman Islands. As of today, visiting Jamaican nationals will require a visa to enter the country.

Jamaican visas start Tuesday

Visas will be required for nationals travelling to the Cayman Islands from Jamaica, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala as from Tuesday, 1 November.

Indian Commissioner visits

The newly appointed Indian High Commissioner, Kailash Lal Agrawal, is visiting Grand Cayman to present his credentials to the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy.

Permit crisis escalating

The "excessively large" number of temporary work permit holders who are unemployed is causing a headache for Cayman's hard-pressed Immigration Department.

Permit issues addressed

A crucial change to the Immigration Law was recently passed in the Legislative Assembly to further assist persons seeking work in the Cayman Islands, says a GIS press release.

New HSA leader takes over

Dr. Tamer Tadros, the new medical director of the Health Services Authority, just beat Hurricane Emily to the Cayman Islands.

Police seek gang members

Police have discovered a small number of Central American gang members in Grand Cayman and are asking the public for help in finding them.

Immigration head shows leadership

The Cayman Contractors Association wishes to express its praise and gratitude to Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson for the essential part that he has played in assisting in the recovery process since Hurricane Ivan.

Staunch workers may be illegal

Staunch Limited, one of two preferred bidders on the Affordable Housing Initiative redevelopment project for the site off Eastern Avenue, might be employing illegal workers, the Auditor General stated in his recently released Special Report.

Group will push permits

A three-member subcommittee of the Work Permit Board has been named to fast-track some 5,000 applications for renewal of annual permits.

Work permits in crisis

With 200 temporary permits being submitted to the Immigration Department daily and stacks of regular work permits pending, many that have been handed in late, the Department of Immigration is under severe stress.

New work permit rules

Potential temporary work permit holders and employers have been put on notice.

15 arrested on work permit violations

Officers from the Department of Immigration carried out an operation on Tuesday 26 April 2005 with the assistance of the RCIP during which 15 people were arrested in the Eastern Avenue area for suspected offences under the Immigration Law.

Suspect Cuban vessel in CI waters

A group of 29 illegal Cubans was transported from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Move made to stop brain drain

The Government reiterated its commitment to key work permit holders Thursday by announcing that the Business Staffing Plan Board recently approved applications identifying people as employees exempted from the seven-year fixed term policy.

Immigration’s future high tech

Biometrics, electronic checks, encoded information. Sounds like something out of a hightech spy novel. But it is in fact the future of Immigration in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman still well populated

Information from the Immigration Board, schools and businesses seems to believe the notion that the Cayman Islands has lost a significant portion of its resident population since Hurricane Ivan.

Cubans can’t be aided

Cubans who stop in the Cayman Islands on their way to Honduras will no longer be given aid.

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