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Road works snarl traffic

Some residents had a much longer morning commute on Friday because of the traffic tie-ups created by the road works on North Sound Road between the Shedden Road intersection and the Butterfield roundabout.

Police crack down on seatbelts

As part of the Streetskills 'Belt up' campaign, officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Department carried out a day of action Friday to ensure drivers wear their seatbelts when behind the wheel.

Teaming up to clean up

The RCIPS again joined forces with the community and the National Roads Authority to help improve the neighbourhood in West Bay recently. Saturday and Sunday saw volunteers come together to clear away debris and overgrown bushes in an area of land of Capt Joe and Osbert Road.

Statutory authorities ignoring law

Many of Cayman's statutory authorities have failed to submit financial statements as required by the Public Management and Finance Law.

Dedicated bike lanes planned

The National Roads Authority will construct dedicated bicycle lanes along the EastWest Arterial Corridor, which is expected to commence construction by early December.

No one solution to flooding

There are seven engineering solutions to the Savannah flooding problem, but not one of them will work on its own, area residents heard at a public meeting on Wednesday night.

Public input sought for Savannah Gully flooding

Savannah residents living in low-lying areas affected by storm-surge are being strongly urged to attend a public meeting for Savannah Gully this Wednesday which will outline possible alternatives to mitigate flooding.

Today’s Editorial October 23: A nicer way to govern

After years of asking, pleading, negotiating and threatening, the Cayman Musicians and Entertainers Association finally got what it wanted: an agreement from all of the local radio stations to play locally produced music.

Highway extension opens

Minister for Works Arden McLean breathed a sigh of relief yesterday morning that the extension of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway had opened. Im just glad that it has reached this point, he said.

Minister pushing eastern highway

Minister of Works Arden McLean continues to push for the early construction of an arterial highway to link George Town with the Eastern Districts. Speaking at the Cabinet press briefing last week, Mr. McLean said he received the costing estimates for the first phase of the road and he is ready to proceed.

Teen’s words enforce safety

In an e-mail that circulated much of Cayman recently, 19 year-old Chantelle Day asked the Cayman Islands motoring community, "How many of us do we have to lose before we get the picture?"

Highway opening delayed

The Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension from the Hyatt Regency Hotel to Raleigh Quay will not open for at least two more weeks.

Today’s Editorial August 15: Roadside used vehicle sales under fire

The ugly habit of selling boats and vehicles along the roadways of Grand Cayman has reared its head once again. And Government is fed up with the practice.

Roadside car selling to end

People who attempt to sell vehicles or boats by illegally parking them on the side of the road will face towing and stiff penalties in the near future.

Delays plague new roadway

The Government's anticipated target of 31 June to have the Esterley Tibbetts bypass completed to a driveable level has come and gone, and the road is still far from completion, Works Minister Arden McLean told the Legislative Assembly Monday.

Locals to clear hurricane debris

Local businesses will conduct future debris clearance and processing operations after hurricanes or other bad storms under a new Government policy outlined in the 2006 National Hurricane Plan.

Caymanian is Lions leader

At the recently concluded Multiple-District 60 Convention in St. Maarten, members of the Cayman Islands contingent were especially proud to have one of their own

Elgin Avenue roundabout completed

Construction of the much-awaited and now improved Elgin Avenue dual-lane roundabout is complete. The National Roads Authority therefore advises and reminds motorists

Caymanian makes impact in USA

A local Caymanian athlete took a big step forward for Cayman sports recently. Last month, Schmarrah McCarthy became the first Caymanian athlete to compete for the U19 US womens national rugby team.

Airport traffic addressed

Construction of a new road connecting Owen Roberts International Airport with Red Gate Road will hopefully begin during the upcoming finance year, National Roads Authority managing director Colford Scott said Tuesday.

Insurance rates rising

Recent changes in catastrophe models and higher accident awards are leading to higher priced reinsurance rates, which are in turn leading to rising property and automobile insurance rates in the Cayman Islands.

Boat club gets building

The Hurricane Ivandamaged building used by the Cat Boat Club next to the Lobster Pot Restaurant, will not be demolished, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said in the Legislative Assembly Friday.

98 speeders go to court

Over the last month 98 speeders have been caught by the RCIP and will soon find themselves answering to a magistrate as part of a multi-agency campaign to stamp out dangerous driving.

Flood plans ready in July

Possible solutions to deal with flooding problems in Savannah will be made public in July, consultant engineer Mr. Steve Bolt said Tuesday night. Mr. Bolt was answering questions after a public meeting at the Savannah Primary School on the subject of flood and storm surge mitigation.

Bridge delays highway opening

The Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension from the Hyatt Regency Hotel to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel will not be completed by 30 June as scheduled because of a delay in constructing a bridge over the canal at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Cayman in brief

The Ministry of Communications Works and Infrastructure, National Roads Authority staff, government officials and other key persons will host meetings to gather community input into the flooding concerns in the Savannah Gully area.

Road closures announced

Motorists are advised that between 9pm and 6am Monday through Thursday the following roads will be closed to through traffic:

Speeders get fair warning

A collaborative effort was launched Monday to put an end to bad driving habits in the Cayman Islands. The multimedia campaign StreetSkill unites the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services, the National Roads Authority, Government Information Services and Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory with a goal of putting the brakes on bad driving.

Today’s Editorial May 04: Bad drivers, beware

Beware lead-footed drivers: Big Brother is coming your way. If Governor Stuart Jack and his Royal Cayman Islands Police Service get their way, digital cameras will become the norm on our countrys roadways.

Gully sand moved illegally

What is believed to be more than 20,000 cubic yards of sand was excavated from the Savannah Gully recently without the proper authority, Cabinet Minister Arden McLean said Friday.

Dallas group targets CI potholes

A Dallas-based company is trying to make inroads into repairing potholes on Cayman. Representatives from Chemical Resource Corporation filled a test hole by the airport post office Friday

NRA leaflet targets roundabout doubts

Cayman's traffic roundabouts seem to have some drivers going round in circles, wondering exactly what to do.

Crewe, Shedden, Dorcy roundabout in works

The National Roads Authority will begin work on a new roundabout at the intersection of Crewe and Shedden roads and Dorcy Drive (heading to Foster's Food Fair and the Airport).

Gov’t urges greater local content on air

The greater use of local content on Cayman's radio stations is being urged by the government, Communications Minister Arden McLean told the House.

Minister addresses highway concerns

In response to concerns stemming from the Esterley Tibbetts Highway expansion, Minister of Works the Arden McLean recently held a community meeting with residents of Governors Harbour.

Work begins on highway

The National Roads Authority began work on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension last week, Minister of Works Arden McLean said at the Cabinet press briefing on Friday.

Road work plan accelerated

The extension of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway northward to the Courtyard Marriott will be accelerated to help ease the traffic problem along West Bay Road, Minister of Works Arden McLean said last Thursday.

Take the Purple Ribbon pledge

In an ongoing campaign to eliminate drunk driving on the roads of Cayman, organizers of the 14-year-old Purple Ribbon Pledge have teamed up in an island-wide effort to educate and remind people of the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

GC pothole blitz is on

Minister of Works Arden McLean said Friday at the Cabinet press briefing that work has begun to repair the many potholes on Grand Cayman's roads.

Traffic light a no go

A broken signal at the intersection of Godfrey Nixon Way and Eastern Avenue in George Town will continue to affect traffic for about five more days.

Call for trees to be felled

Civic-minded citizen Mr. Jay Bodden is appealing for trees which died after Hurricane Ivan and which are posing a public danger, to be felled as soon as possible.

West Bay to get attention

Cabinet Minister Arden McLean said West Bay will not be ignored by the People's Progressive Movement government because it did not win a seat in that district during the past elections.

Land fill running short

A scarcity of high quality aggregate for road bases and building lots will probably ease in the coming weeks as soaked quarry operations dry out, said quarry operator Buddy Wood.

Expect traffic problems

A series of improvements designed to widen some of the main road arteries around George Town has begun with the widening of Huldah Avenue.

WB Road change coming

A reconfiguration of West Bay Road to help ease the traffic problem heading into George Town will soon be implemented.

Wilma tying up traffic

As Hurricane Wilma lashed South Florida Monday morning, the storm was still affecting traffic in Grand Cayman because of a road closure in George Town.

Civil service has shrunk

The size of the civil service in Cayman has decreased by more than a fifth over the last four years, according to a government report.

Crime fighting results vowed

Tuesday night police promised to create six neighbourhood watch committees during the next three months to help communities fight growing crime.

Cumber Avenue gets a facelift

Residents in the district of Bodden Town were very pleased last Saturday to see major clean-up taking place in the area.

Prospect Drive solution goes round

Frustrated residents think road planners have come up with a roundabout solution to a straightforward problem.

Everyone won in elections

I would like to congratulate the election officials, their election team and logistic personnel for their management of the 2005 elections.

Minister Eden makes the rounds

Minister for Health Services, Agriculture, Aviation and Works Anthony Eden continued a multiple-day tour of his ministry's departments and areas of responsibility, by focusing on health services.

Everyone won in elections

I would like to congratulate the election officials, their election team and logistic personnel for their management of the 2005 elections.

Hurricane exercise is today

Don't be alarmed if you see Public Works Department and National Roads Authority staff erecting shutters on numerous government buildings today.

Roads Authority moves ahead

After months battling equipment shortages, the recent arrival of brand new gear worth more than CI$1 million is helping the National Roads Authority to return to normal, says a government press release.

Water Authority work complete

The Water Authority has announced the completion of restoration works on pipeline yesterday.

Mr. Jones takes PWD director’s chair

With the formalization of the National Roads Authority, the Public Works Department begins a new focus on the construction and maintenance of government buildings.

Move made to calm traffic

As part of Grand Cayman's Traffic Calming Programme, the National Roads Authority conducted a comprehensive traffic calming study to determine the speed and volume of the motorists that travel through the Prospect Park Area.

No quick fix for WB Road

The National Roads Authority can offer no significant relief in the short term to ease the traffic problem on West Bay Road, managing director Colford Scott told the Legislative Assembly in Finance Committee Thursday.

Road work progresses

The National Roads Authority advises the public that reconstruction work on Shamrock Road, in the Spotts area between Spotts Newlands Road and Old Prospect Road, is now in its final stages.

Public Works says good-bye, hello

A farewell luncheon for the Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department Colford Scott, also heralded his appointment as Managing Director of the National Roads Authority effective 1 January.

Easterners promised better traffic

Motorists from the Eastern districts contending with lengthy queues can expect their morning commute to ease up somewhat as reconstruction work on Shamrock Road in the Spotts area nears completion.

Health Ministry in recovery

The Ministry of Health has laid out its recovery and future mitigation arrangements in the event of another disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Ivan.

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