Moms in Touch pray for schools

More than 70 women and a few of their spouses attended the annual gala dinner of Moms in Touch, affiliated groups who meet weekly to pray for children and the schools in Cayman.

The evening of fellowship, prayer and song was held recently at the Family Life Centre and featured guest speaker Mrs. Mary Graham, wife and mother, teacher and pastor.

Local co-coordinator Mrs. Yolanda Palmer explained that Moms in Touch began in Cayman in 2000 with one group of mothers. There are now 10 such groups on the Island and they are attached to specific schools or churches.

The women meet in their groups once per week. On a quarterly basis they devote an evening or Saturday morning to physically visit the schools and pray, even if they are just standing outside the gate.

Moms in Touch International was formed in the US in 1984. Brochures from MITI ask the provocative question ‘If you are not praying for your child, who is?’

According to its mission statement, the purpose of MIT is ‘to encourage mothers and others to meet and pray for children and schools.

‘Our vision is that every school in the world would be covered in prayer.

‘We desire to be a positive encouragement and support for public and private schools, praying that our schools may be guided by biblical values and high moral standards.’

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