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5 COVID cases among travellers

Five new positive COVID-19 cases are among the latest results announced by Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee today.

5-day quarantine only for those vaccinated in Cayman, UK

The recently reduced five-day quarantine period for vaccinated travellers currently only applies to people who can provide vaccination certificates issued in the Cayman Islands or the UK, as those are the only ones that can be securely verified, according to officials.

14 in isolation following possible COVID exposure at hospital

The Health Services Authority confirmed Wednesday that 14 people, including eight members of its staff, are currently in isolation after employees at the Cayman Islands Hospital were exposed to a highly symptomatic COVID-19 patient.

Cayman’s C-section rate more than double WHO recommendations

At 37% of all live births a year, the rate of caesarean sections in the Cayman Islands is more than double the rate recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Nursing chief: The struggles with tackling COVID

The Health Services Authority's Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Hazel Brown, speaking on Rooster Radio's Crosstalk show this morning, recalled the stresses and pressures faced by healthcare workers in Cayman at the height of the COVID outbreak.

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