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Before you even walk into Rene and Leif Ristimaki’s North West Point home it’s clear this isn’t your standard house.
Aerial view of Seven Mile Beach

Why did property prices rise during the pandemic?

More than a year ago, during the midst of a coronavirus lockdown, hardly anyone predicted that property prices in Cayman would continue to rise.
The Meadows at Batabano

Welcome to The Meadows at Batabano

A new development in West Bay is rolling out the welcome mat for a townhome community that embraces stylish living with a nod to Caymanian tradition.

A walk through the (sea grape) woods

A sea grape woodland at Sea Grape House in Frank Sound features a delightful walkway that connects the front drive to the beach.

A garden palette

The garden of Trish and Claude Yonnet is a tropical oasis that blooms with a lush palette of colour, texture, scent and form.

Art in the open

No matter which district you drive through in Cayman, you’re likely to happen upon a mural.

The stick house

Bursting with art, creativity and authenticity, the seaside home of Kay and Carl Smith is the kind of place where everyone is made to feel welcome.

A seaside home with Caribbean soul

A drive along South Sound road, in the vicinity of the Cayman Rugby Football Club, doubles as a sightseeing tour of some of the most impressive edifices on the island.

Designs celebrate Cayman’s heritage

For Tiffany Conolly, art is a way to celebrate her Caymanian heritage and promote the Cayman Islands.

CaymanKind tote bags raise funds for charity

Anna Hislop and her good friend, Susie DeSilva, decided to be creative when the Cayman Islands went into lockdown in March 2020.

Home Office Essentials

There has been a significant shift in the way we work – and where we work – since COVID-19 came barrelling into our lives.

Davenport Duo

Even if you haven’t heard of Davenport Development, odds are good you’ll be familiar with its many successful projects.

Contemporary Upgrade

When a three-bed, three-bath condo at Britannia came on the market, Michael and Lexi Binckes knew it was the perfect space to call home.

Native plants of Cayman

Wild Coffee / Casearia hirsuta SALICACEAE Height: 15 feet high X 8 feet wide Growth habit: With graceful, horizontal, layered branching, this deciduous bush has large, tomentose leaves that are very soft to touch. The leaves...

Artist’s nests at Botanic Park not just for the birds

Artist Tansy Maki has created some spectacular murals and sculptures that can be seen throughout Cayman.

Native plants of Cayman

The many shades of Lantana VERBENACEAE Soil requirement: Well-drained soil Habitat: Disturbed areas and along roadsides in limestone and sand Light requirements: Full-sun to part-shade Environment tolerance: Drought-tolerant Nature attracting: All Lantana species will invite butterflies to their blooms and...

Native Plant of the Week

White Fiddlewood/Citharexylum spinosum VERBENACEAE Height: 15-50 feet high x 8-30 feet wide, depending on the variety Growth habit: Upright Flowers: Daily white, fragrant, Jasmine-like flowers in drooping clusters; bright orange fruits Soil requirement: Well-drained soil Light requirements: Full-sun to...

Peace at Parrot Ridge

Landscaping is recognised as playing an important contribution to the well-being of patients, with Parrot Ridge beside Health City Cayman Islands being no exception.

South Sound Sanctuary

Jennifer Godfrey encounters a surprise in her garden just about every day.

A big addition to a tiny home

After buying a parcel of canal-front land in late 2005, Antje and Phil Harper set out to design and build their own home.

With the sea in sight

Situated on the edge of a sweeping swathe of sand on South Sound, John and Dina Foley’s home at TIDES is connected to the sea on every level.

Native Plant of the Week

Phyllanthus caymanensis PHYLLANTHACEAE Height: 10 feet high x 6 feet wide Growth habit: Full and round Flowers: A single small white/pink-throated flower is born in the leaf axil. It will hang in the middle of the small...

Orchid sale for flora lovers

The Cayman Islands Orchid Society, together with the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, is presently taking orders for an extraordinary selection of exotic orchids until noon on Friday. Interested parties must place their orders in...

Native plant of the week

Smoke Wood/Erythroxylum areolatum ERYTHROXYLACEAE Height: 20 feet high x 8 feet wide Growth habit: It has a ‘V’ shape growth habit Flowers: White flowers Soil requirement: Well-drained soil or seasonally flooded land Light requirements: Sun to part shade Environment tolerance: Drought...

Beautiful Blue

The 2020 Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue, is a Caribbean designer’s dream. Whether you’re a professional, or just love decorating, the colour complements the islands’ sea and sky, bringing this versatile and bold hue straight into the home.

Biophilia: Connecting with nature

Health benefits associated with engaging with nature have long been a matter of interest. Studies show the positive impact that time spent outdoors, and the incorporation of greenery in residential spaces, has on our mental and physical health.

Animal Inspiration

When Taraneh Duval was looking to design a nursery for her son Tristan, she drew inspiration from four watercolour images of animals she loved.

Reinventing spaces

Lori-Ann Foley knew she was in for a challenge when she decided to upgrade and expand the family home.

Refresh Your Home

If you feel your home needs a little refreshing but you don’t want to break the bank in doing so, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to spruce it up.

Bringing Nature Indoors

As you walk through the doors of OceanMed, you may wonder if you’ve just entered a luxurious spa — and that is completely by design.
Get more hands-on with your garden until the professionals can return

DIY gardening tips for homeowners

Once lush and well-tended gardens in Cayman have succumbed to overgrown foliage, brown lawns and weeds, with landscaping companies locked down due to coronavirus, and barely any rainfall recorded for months.

Plant of the week

Fire Bush is an erect, round-shaped, large bush with evergreen leaves that will transition to copper with age. It blooms at the end of summer and throughout winter. Butterflies and birds are attracted to it.

Plant of the Week

Fowl Berry; Blood Berry / Rivina humilis PHYTOLACCACEAE Height: 18 inches x 12 inches Growth habit: Rounded, full form, evergreen leaves with ever-blooming blossoms Flowers: White or pink flowers on a long spike bearing bright red berries Soil...

Plant of the week

Wild Pumpkin; Corky Stem Vine; Inkvine/Passiflora cuprea PASSIFLORACEAE Height: Long tendrils that can cover a large pergola Growth habit: Evergreen vine with blue/green foliage Flowers: Large three-inch red flowers; the large seeds will turn purple Soil requirement: Good, loamy soil Light requirements: Sun to part-shade Environment...

Playful Pots

It started with a broken pot. Looking for a way to patch it up, Joyce Dunbar came up with a creative solution: piece it back together with colourful mosaic tiles. “I patched it up on the...

A whimsical garden retreat

When Kate Allenger and Stuart Knox revamped the backyard of their North Sound Estates home, they transformed it into a cozy, whimsical setting. It now glows in the nighttime with an array of hanging candles...


Eco-friendly meets eclectic design at The Lodge, a social spot comprising three distinct rooms that flow into one casual, relaxed setting. While The Tavern, The Barrel Room and The Eco Den Café incorporate the same...

Curated with love

For interior designer Lydia Uzzell, creating a space that reflected she and her husband Justin’s personal taste and lifestyle was paramount in designing their new home. The trouble was deciding on a style for the...

Insta Organised

Streamlining and decluttering is the millennial lifestyle trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, it’s gaining in strength. Dedicated Instagram accounts keep popping up, amassing legions of followers eager to transform their...

Urban-island vibe

When artists Renate and Mikael Seffer began renovating their seaside properties in Breakers, it was like starting with blank canvas. Colourful artworks hang in the living room. Both properties – a main house and a bungalow...

Embracing green living

Allan Holdsworth and Javier Bustos were first in line to tap into a new source of renewable energy on-island. In their quest to live as green as possible, the Grand Harbour residents installed Tesla batteries...

Woodworks that wow

For Andre Gooden, working with wood has been a life-affirming process. The 33-year-old Caymanian, who goes by the name of Charlito, crafts a variety of woodworks in his backyard workshop in Prospect. “I taught myself to...

Pet of the week

Wonderful Unno is looking for his forever home. He is sweet, loving, loyal, house-trained, easy to walk, loves relaxing at home, enjoys trips to the beach and likes to be bathed. Unno has been at...

A walk amongst the orchids

Elaine Young’s garden is more to her than a collection of plants. It is a place of relaxation, reflection, and where she keeps her mind and body in tune. In fact, she refers to it...

Cayman in the Hamptons

When New York interior designer Eric Lysdhal was remodelling a home in the Hamptons on the eastern shores of Long Island, he looked south to the Cayman Islands for inspiration. The owners have spent numerous...

Creative countertops

When Katia Zaiontchkovsky moved into an older family home in Snug Harbour last fall, she felt the space was ideal for her growing family. But the lawyer-turned-designer knew the six-bedroom home was also ready for...

Cayman’s native fruit – naseberry

  The round, grey-brown fruit is sugary sweet, with a similar taste to brown sugar. But if eaten too early, the unripe naseberry is hard and astringent, causing an unpleasant drying sensation in the mouth. Once...
Rocky Plains Dwarf Morning Glory

Native Plant of the Week with Joanne Mercille

Rocky Plains Dwarf Morning Glory Rocky Plains Dwarf Morning Glory is a key stone plant. On Little Cayman, it is the sole host plant for the endemic diminutive land snail on Little Cayman. It is also...

Cayman properties scoop sustainability, design awards

NCB Group’s joint venture with Dart Real Estate, OLEA, received the Five-Star Award for Best Sustainable Residential Development at the USA and Americas Property Awards, held at the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto,...

Seaside sophistication

The elegance and relevance of contemporary coastal chic has been encapsulated by a South Florida interior design firm in their styling of a new North Side residence. Palm Beach Gardens-based firm The Decorators Unlimited breathed...

Modern English design

When Heather and Michael Halsey first built their family home on Canal Point Drive in 2007, it had a traditional English style with separate living spaces. The home was the ideal place to raise their...

Endless Cayman summers

Living on a holiday island, residents of the Cayman Islands can indulge in the joys of vacation nearly all year-round. And the Mercantile – the new-look boutique at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort –...

House with a purpose

While on a leisurely drive one afternoon in Grand Cayman, Ruth and Chris Gustafsson discovered their future family home by chance. The couple was drawn to a “for sale” sign situated on the front lawn...

The upside of upcycling

In the modern lexicon, upcycling is the word used to describe what artist Avril Ward does with large wood pallets obtained from an import company on-island. She sands, refines and dismantles the original pieces and...

The statue garden

Seven statues surround the amphitheatre in this magnificent garden, all of them overseen by a giant, 2,000-lb Buddha, which was shipped all the way from Indonesia. It required a crane and several men to put...

Urban vibes

A new urban-inspired lobby-lounge on the Seven Mile Beach corridor welcomes locals and visitors alike to this contemporary community space. The Hangout at the Locale boutique hotel on West Bay Road features bright furnishings and...

Forever furniture

You’ve just moved into a fabulous new place. There’s a rush of excitement, but before you can really settle in, you’ll need to furnish those empty rooms. It’s time to invest in key pieces of...

Colourful koi

The beauty and serenity of richly coloured koi gliding gracefully through the water have enchanted people for centuries. These prized fish – exhibited regularly in competitions similar to dog shows – were originally raised by...

Rooms with a view

Overlooking the cruise ships in harbour, the apartments owned by Lars Skroder enjoy one of the most commanding residential views in the whole of George Town. Situated on North Church Street on a spot formerly...

Magical marine life

The magic and the mysteries of marine life in the Cayman Islands have been captured by photographers millions of times. Now these images are being enhanced with software to produce striking modern art. The pictures –...

Cool city design

When making plans for the offices of Cayman Enterprise City, design mastermind Cindy O’Hara spent years looking around for the coolest concepts and most inspiring examples. She checked out the likes of Google, HBO, Netflix,...

Pretty in pots

Deanna Look Loy considers herself a collector. But not in the traditional sense. “I am a plant collector, I suppose,” says the avid gardener and retired, long-time government employee. “I buy a lot of plants....