Green sea turtle rescued from jagged rocks

A large female green sea turtle was rescued in Grand Cayman on Tuesday after a group of residents found her trapped in ironshore rocks on the beach. The turtle had come ashore to nest but was unable to return to the sea because of the high, jagged rocks.

Cayman sprinter Jamal Walton makes a run for the ages

Cayman sprinter Jamal Walton outran his competitors and the history book when he won the 400 meters at the Pan American Junior Championships last week and logged the fastest time by a high school student in 35 years.

Cayman athletes learn on international stage

Cayman Islands athletes performed on a massive stage and competed against some of the best talent in the world at last week’s Youth Commonwealth Games.

Academy excels in youth soccer tournament

Nearly 100 junior footballers with Cayman’s Academy Sports Club took America by storm with their best performance ever in the Schwan’s USA Cup.


  • Scaramucci lobs grenades in already chaotic White House
    WASHINGTON (AP) — New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci went after chief of staff Reince Priebus on Thursday as a suspected "leaker" within the West Wing in a pull-no-punches interview that laid bare the personality clashes and internal turmoil of Donald Trump's presidency.
  • GOP seeks support for narrow version of "Obamacare" repeal
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Battered by repeated failures to repeal or replace "Obamacare," Senate GOP leaders retreated to a narrow approach Thursday that would undo just a few of the most unpopular elements of Barack Obama's law. Democrats vowed opposition as the Senate prepared for a bizarre Capitol Hill ritual, a "vote-a-rama" on amendments that promised […]
  • Clashes erupt at Jerusalem shrine as Muslims return to pray
    JERUSALEM (AP) — Clashes erupted Thursday at a sacred shrine in Jerusalem as thousands of Muslims rushed to pray at the site for the first time in nearly two weeks following Israel's removal of security devices installed there after a deadly attack.
  • Senators prepare bill to block firing of special counsel
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Warning of "holy hell" to pay if the president fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a top Senate Republican is working to prevent the potential end result, the dismissal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • In US first, scientists edit genes of human embryos
    For the first time in the United States, scientists have edited the genes of human embryos, a controversial step toward someday helping babies avoid inherited diseases.



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