Business in brief: Two Caymanian attorneys admitted to Bar

Christopher Dibben and Sarah Dombowsky, two articled clerks at Walkers, completed their legal training in early May and were called to the Cayman Islands Bar. Ingrid Pierce, Walkers’ global managing partner, moved their applications before Justice Ingrid Mangatal.


  • Cinemas embrace VIP perks to meet industry challenges
    The history of the movie industry is filled with challenges and doomsayers predicting the demise of Hollywood. From the introduction of sound to the advent of television, the motion picture industry has always been forced to evolve to stay relevant.
  • Impact17 looks at human side of digital marketing
    In an age dominated by digital devices, entrepreneurs at Cayman’s third annual Impact conference sought to take a step back from smartphones and reconnect with the human element of marketing.
  • Home-growing a compliance profession
    You are only as good as your people. No matter the country or company, competent, diligent and happy people make for success. Compliance personnel are no exception.
  • RE/MAX Cayman Islands marks 25 years, and some ‘firsts’
    When Kim Lund introduced RE/MAX to the Cayman Islands 25 years ago, the real estate company did not have a presence outside of North America.
  • Brexit: Article 50 triggers start of long, difficult journey
    Financial markets are considered good discounting mechanisms, but they don’t always get the probabilities exactly right. One of these skewed probability moments is currently playing out in markets.
  • OECD tax chief: Cayman must get the narrative right to continue its success
    Cayman will remain a successful offshore financial center if it changes the message it has sent out to the world over the past decades, according to Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD.
  • Late May means anything is possible for HR professionals
    When Chris Bailey’s “Anything is Possible” conference kicks off on May 26 at the Kimpton Seafire, a handful of speakers will pose some probing questions – and 200 listeners will weigh innovative answers.
  • Israeli tech-sector stocks have a lot to offer
    The country of Israel has developed into a small, but fine stronghold of high-tech. Israeli-owned companies in the sector have had a good run on the stock market for more than a year now. Quite rightly, as details prove.
  • Greening Cayman and growing the economy
    Six trucks carry the tires to the conveyor belt, which lifts them high above an industrial hopper, dropping them into a shredder that reduces each one to two-inch rubber chips in five seconds. Despite an astonishing capacity to process between seven and eight tons of steel-belted radials – and others – each hour, Island Recycling […]
  • Solar, geothermal, LEEDS and the rise of the electric vehicle
    The ceremony was less than “historic,” but marked a minor milestone as Cuba’s first electric car was handed over in Havana on March 17 to its Guyana Embassy owners by Cayman Automotive’s John Felder. Felder’s U.S.-based Premier Automotive Export subsidiary of Cayman Automotive shipped the US-built, four-door Nissan Leaf to Havana in late February.


Appreciating the remaining risks of bankruptcy strip-off of home mortgages

Investments in mortgage-backed debts carry reduced risk in light of the special protections afforded to collateralized claims. Second-lien investing, however, is subject to enhanced risk due to the greater likelihood of collateral value insufficiency.

Financial internships and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

American regulators have recently been scrutinizing financial institutions’ internship programs for potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.1 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced its first internship-related FCPA settlement with Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Caribbean grapples with problem of bank de-risking

One potential mechanism to improve their AML systems is through the Inter-American Development Bank’s technical cooperation RG-T2224. It provides a grant to support member countries in their efforts to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, in compliance with the new FATF standards.

Oil price instability and policy uncertainty in an OPEC world

The number of oil rigs in the United States quickly fell by more than 50 percent. The magnitude and speed of the collapse was rivaled only by the 1986 OPEC shock and the 2008 financial crisis.

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