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The Cayman Compass welcomes comments, opinions and viewpoints from readers. Letters to the editor can be emailed to [email protected], sent by post, hand-delivered to the Compass office, or entered via the form below.

  • Standards and Guidelines

    The Cayman Compass encourages community dialogue on important public matters and is eager to receive letters to the editor that contribute positively to that discourse.

    Every effort is made to publish submitted letters in our print and online editions that meet our criteria. Readers are limited to three published letters per month. Letters are accepted at the editor’s discretion based on the following criteria:

    • Letters must be no longer than 350 words.
    • Letters must be written with sensitivity to Cayman Islands’ multi-cultural society and in respectful language that avoids inciting violence or is any way derogatory towards others’ race, religion, or sexual orientation.
    • Letters must be based on verifiable information; the Compass reserves the right to fact-check letters.
    • The Compass reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and AP style.
    • The Compass reserves the right to cut letters to fit available space in the print edition.
    • Letters must include the author’s name and contain a contact telephone number and/or email address.
    • Due to time constraints, the Compass cannot notify individuals as to whether submissions will be published.

    The views and comments expressed in letters submitted to the Cayman Compass, its website or any associated social media platforms, are those of the writer and not those of Compass Media. Letters should be emailed to [email protected]

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