Drug dogs to patrol Cayman’s streets, beaches

Officers with drug-detecting dogs will soon be regularly patrolling the territory’s streets and public beaches, according to Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner Derek Byrne.

Plea for patience over airport lines

Immigration officials are asking for patience from passengers amid concern over long lines at Grand Cayman’s airport.

Despite new arrivals hall, hours-long wait at airport

Some of the first visitors through the Cayman Island’s new airport arrivals hall waited for hours in immigration lines that stretched from the steps of the plane to the new building.

Cayman and Jamaican tourism ministers meet

Tourism ministers for Cayman and Jamaica – Moses Kirkconnell and Edmund Bartlett, respectively – met last week to discuss opportunities for collaboration on tourism and aviation connectivity.

$6 million impact: CAL cutback of Cuban flights reduces revenue

Cayman Airways has taken a $6 million annual hit from the opening up of the Cuban market to U.S. airlines, prompting reevaluation of the national carrier’s strategy.

Cayman’s ‘Caroline coup’

The newest Grand Slam champion plans on serving aces for Grand Cayman. Caroline Wozniacki, who won the Australian Open on Saturday, recently signed a year-long marketing deal with Dart Enterprises that will see her become a part of the Cayman community.

Financial services industry: Cayman’s ‘invisible’ giant

In 1960, the Cayman Islands could not have been further removed from its status today as a small but prominent global financial center. At the time, the Cayman economy still largely relied on seamen’s remittances, fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding and hand crafts. Airline services were limited and the tourism sector in its infancy.

Arrivals wing opens at Owen Roberts airport

The new arrivals hall at the Owen Roberts International Airport – the latest piece in the jigsaw of Cayman’s $55-million airport upgrade – opened this week.

Treasure hunter and hotelier dies at 69

Herbert “Herbo” Humphreys, the long-time owner of the Holiday Inn and a treasure hunter credited with discovering numerous historic shipwrecks, died Tuesday after a battle with cancer. He was 69.

EDITORIAL – Blue skies ahead: Record arrivals fill local coffers

The cruise industry, along with stayover travel, are the two legs upon which Cayman’s hospitality sector stands.
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