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Cayman’s housing market offers a range of options throughout its districts, from a one-bedroom home in sleepy Savannah, to multi-million-dollar homes or condos overlooking the Caribbean Sea. What exactly does your money get you in each district? Property Cayman, a member of the CIREBA, breaks down the numbers.

MLS 412520
West Bay

270K – 600K: 2-bedroom inland
600K – 1.2M: 3-bedroom inland
1.2M – 5.5M: 4-bedroom canal/oceanfront

Seven Mile Corridor

550K – 1.25M: 2-bedroom inland or canal front
1.25M – 3M: 3-bedroom canal front
3M – 14M: 4-bedroom canal front

MLS 412851
Seven Mile Beach

575K – 1M: New-build studio or existing 1-bedroom
1M – 3M: Existing 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom new build
3M – 28M: 1 to 5-bedroom new-build

George Town & South Sound

240K – 500K: 1-bedroom inland
500K – 1M: 2 or 3-bedroom inland condo, or 2-bedroom oceanfront
1M – 3M: 3-bedroom family home or 3-bedroom canal front townhome
3M – 13.5M: 3-bedroom condo to 5-bedroom oceanfront home

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MLS 412822
Red Bay & Prospect

300K – 600K: 2-bedroom inland/canal or 3-bedroom inland
600K – 1M: 3-bedroom home or 3-bedroom canal front townhome
1M – 4.25M: 4-bedroom inland to 6-bedroom oceanfront

Savannah & Bodden Town

180K – 425K: 1 or 2-bedroom inland
425K – 1M: 4-bedroom inland or 2-bedroom oceanfront
1M – 2.4M: 3-bedroom oceanfront
2.4M – 30M: Oceanfront estate

MLS 410840
North Side & Rum Point

350K – 1.2M: 1 to 2-bedroom oceanfront condo or inland home
1.2M – 2.5M: 3-bedroom oceanfront condo or house
2.5M – 7M: 4 to 7-bedroom oceanfront

East End & Frank Sound

342K – 500K: 3-bedroom family home inland
500K – 1M: 2-bedroom oceanfront
1M – 5M: 3 to 7-bedroom oceanfront

MLS 412510


Originally published in InsideOut magazine issue Spring/Summer 2021.

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