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What can you get for your money?

What exactly does your money get you in each district? Property Cayman, a member of the CIREBA, breaks down the numbers.

Symbolic Succulents

A succulent garden at Pedro St. James, which is filled with a large variety of plants, mirrors Cayman’s heritage.

Art on the inside

As art collections go, the pieces to be found at HMP Northward are some of the most inspiring on the island.

Architect John Doak – Definitive Cayman Style

To meet John Doak, a soft-spoken Scotsman with a dry sense of humour and somewhat laidback nature, you would perhaps not imagine that he is a foremost authority on Cayman’s historical buildings.

Inspired by Design

Lalique Point home embraces modern living with a nod to Caribbean tradition.

A Children’s Garden Grows

As the Children’s Garden at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park continues to grow, there are lots of opportunities to learn about the wonders of nature.


Before you even walk into Rene and Leif Ristimaki’s North West Point home it’s clear this isn’t your standard house.

A walk through the (sea grape) woods

A sea grape woodland at Sea Grape House in Frank Sound features a delightful walkway that connects the front drive to the beach.

A garden palette

The garden of Trish and Claude Yonnet is a tropical oasis that blooms with a lush palette of colour, texture, scent and form.

Art in the open

No matter which district you drive through in Cayman, you’re likely to happen upon a mural.

The stick house

Bursting with art, creativity and authenticity, the seaside home of Kay and Carl Smith is the kind of place where everyone is made to feel welcome.

A seaside home with Caribbean soul

A drive along South Sound road, in the vicinity of the Cayman Rugby Football Club, doubles as a sightseeing tour of some of the most impressive edifices on the island.

Designs celebrate Cayman’s heritage

For Tiffany Conolly, art is a way to celebrate her Caymanian heritage and promote the Cayman Islands.

CaymanKind tote bags raise funds for charity

Anna Hislop and her good friend, Susie DeSilva, decided to be creative when the Cayman Islands went into lockdown in March 2020.

Home Office Essentials

There has been a significant shift in the way we work – and where we work – since COVID-19 came barrelling into our lives.

Davenport Duo

Even if you haven’t heard of Davenport Development, odds are good you’ll be familiar with its many successful projects.

Contemporary Upgrade

When a three-bed, three-bath condo at Britannia came on the market, Michael and Lexi Binckes knew it was the perfect space to call home.

Make it macramé

With the trend in décor towards natural fabrics and personalised workmanship, the ancient art of macramé fits in well with modern tastes.

Peace at Parrot Ridge

Landscaping is recognised as playing an important contribution to the well-being of patients, with Parrot Ridge beside Health City Cayman Islands being no exception.

South Sound Sanctuary

Jennifer Godfrey encounters a surprise in her garden just about every day.

A big addition to a tiny home

After buying a parcel of canal-front land in late 2005, Antje and Phil Harper set out to design and build their own home.

Fire up the flavour

For Laurel Hydes, one of the best parts of making pepper jellies is getting customer feedback.

Capturing the real Caribbean

Artist Jason Kennedy was born in Canada’s Northwest Territories, raised in a small mining town, and spent his formative years “bouncing around” the Great White North.

With the sea in sight

Situated on the edge of a sweeping swathe of sand on South Sound, John and Dina Foley’s home at TIDES is connected to the sea on every level.

Beautiful Blue

The 2020 Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue, is a Caribbean designer’s dream. Whether you’re a professional, or just love decorating, the colour complements the islands’ sea and sky, bringing this versatile and bold hue straight into the home.

Biophilia: Connecting with nature

Health benefits associated with engaging with nature have long been a matter of interest. Studies show the positive impact that time spent outdoors, and the incorporation of greenery in residential spaces, has on our mental and physical health.

Animal Inspiration

When Taraneh Duval was looking to design a nursery for her son Tristan, she drew inspiration from four watercolour images of animals she loved.

Reinventing spaces

Lori-Ann Foley knew she was in for a challenge when she decided to upgrade and expand the family home.

Refresh Your Home

If you feel your home needs a little refreshing but you don’t want to break the bank in doing so, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to spruce it up.

Bringing Nature Indoors

As you walk through the doors of OceanMed, you may wonder if you’ve just entered a luxurious spa — and that is completely by design.

Baking from the heart

Flour, eggs, butter and sugar may seem like simple ingredients, but for Paula Stonoga it’s a recipe for transformation. The pastry chef at Kirk Market...

Creative countertops

When Katia Zaiontchkovsky moved into an older family home in Snug Harbour last fall, she felt the space was ideal for her growing family. But...

The statue garden

Seven statues surround the amphitheatre in this magnificent garden, all of them overseen by a giant, 2,000-lb Buddha, which was shipped all the way...

Rooms with a view

Overlooking the cruise ships in harbour, the apartments owned by Lars Skroder enjoy one of the most commanding residential views in the whole of...

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