Putting Cayman First

Visiting each district and meeting with residents during the Chamber’s 12 District Candidates Forums served as a great beginning for my term as president.
District residents, many of whom are Chamber members, are deeply concerned about the future of the Cayman Islands and submitted more than 200 questions for the 43 candidates to answer. The multi-industry panel and I attempted to ask as many of your questions as possible and I hope that the forums served to inform registered voters about the positions being taken by the candidates on the major issues. I encourage all electors to vote on 20 May. Do not sit on the sidelines. Your vote matters. Our newly elected leaders will face many challenges when they are sworn into office in late May. Stimulating the economy, prioritising government spending, combating crime, assisting the unemployed, poor and elderly, attracting new business and investment, reforming health care and immigration, reducing the cost of doing business, instilling a pro-business attitude in the civil service and balancing the budget should be considered top priorities. The Chamber leadership, staff and I are prepared to work with the new government to address these issues and to ensure that the Cayman Islands remain an attractive place to live and conduct business.
This can only be achieved through consultation, collaboration and compromise. Facing these diffi cult economic times will require new approaches for government and businesses operating here. It will not be business as usual. Putting CAYMAN FIRST must be at the centre of any new economic
policy. We need to support local businesses rather than continuing to encourage direct overseas purchasing of goods and services.
Local businesses employ Caymanians and keep money circulating in our country. Admittedly, local businesses need to be willing to review their pricing structures and offer fair and reasonable deals to consumers. Inflated pricing during these challenging times will only discourage local purchasing. We all
must come together to support a CAYMAN FIRST policy as a nation.
Building relationships and networking opportunities for business owners will become an important platform during my presidency in fulfi lling a key objective in the strategic plan developed by the Chamber leadership and staff late last year. While competition is healthy and a sign of a robust
free enterprise system, business owners and entrepreneurs need to build stronger personal relationships so that they can discuss issues that concern them to foster business to business transactions. In other words, we need to get to know each other and the Chamber is the perfect organisation to facilitate these relationships.  I look forward to meeting you at future Chamber events and activities so that the Council and I can understand your concerns and work together to develop solutions. By supporting each other, we will be putting CAYMAN FIRST and building a stronger business community that will generate jobs and opportunities for all Caymanians and residents.

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