Disaster Recovery: Protecting your business from data loss

What would your business do if it suddenly, and permanently, lost access to all its electronic files? What would the impact be to your daily business functions? To your company’s credibility and reputation? To your bottom line profitability? A scary thought to be sure, but with proper planning and preparation your business never has to find itself in such an unenviable position.
The production server is the heart of most business functions these days. It contains the applications, the financial records, the correspondence and much of the critical data and files that allow your business to function each day. But a server is just a machine. And the fact is that machines will sometimes fail.
Fire, flooding, or malicious vandalism are serious risks to your critical data. And regardless of your backup solution or the quality of your infrastructure the availability of your data cannot be guaranteed if it only resides at one location. 
Over the last decade many companies have adopted disc-to-disc-to-tape as the preferred backup method. Having a backup of your production data on-site and easily accessible does allow for efficient recovery from some forms of equipment failure and software or data corruption. What this local backup does not provide is longer term archival of data or protection from catastrophic data loss in the case of a fire, flood or other disaster. So companies must then copy their backup disc to tape, and store their tapes off-site in a secure location, designed to protect media from fire hazards as well as humidity, temperature and magnetic field related damage.
Today there is a better way. 
You can routinely, even automatically, mirror your hard drive on a server in another district or country by using the Internet. This will allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world and archive it to tape offsite. The best way to do this is through the use of a licensed data recovery centre.
According to Nancy Kirkconnell Ewing of Brac Informatics, “The need for a simple, efficient and automated backup process has never been greater.
Regulatory requirements can now require you to retain records for seven years and not having a proven reliable backup system puts your business at risk. Many companies also need to ensure that key systems never go down. Failure of critical servers, for any length of time, may result in severe losses in produc­tivity, revenue and company credibility.”
BIC offers two turnkey services that make the process simple, affordable, and quick to set up.
OffsiteVAULT is a comprehensive data storage solution that provides: immediate recovery (through online disc backup), compliance with regulatory requirements (through data archival) and protection from fires and other disasters (through off-site data storage); all for one low monthly fee.
OffsiteVAULT works over your existing ADSL line, backing up changes to your server as frequently as you specify. It ensures your data will always be available and outsources the cumbersome task of tape backup and offsite storage.
OffsiteRECOVERY is also a monthly subscription service. It provides businesses with a comprehensive backup and recovery system. It includes all the equipment, software and technical assistance to seamlessly failover to dedicated backup servers.
These backup servers, ready to take over on a moment’s notice, allow your business to continue regardless of service interruptions in your office, or island-wide outages. With your backup servers in Cayman Brac, operating on a different utilities infrastructure, they will not be impacted by localised outages in Grand Cayman and you will continue to operate in the Cayman Islands legal jurisdiction.
Protect your important information while you still have access to it. Accidents or disasters are not planned events, they just happen; and often at the worst time possible.

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