Security: best ways to protect your property

Security has now become a part of discussions about everyday life in the Cayman Islands. Once Caymanians could have easily overlooked the idea of security but now it has become foremost in their minds according to most in the community.

The fact of the matter is that to a lot of people crime seems to be on the rise. However individuals can choose not be victims by taking a proactive approach to crime prevention and personal safety.

The first thing to think about is investing in good security systems. Approaches; making your property secure by investing in security systems and surveillance equipment.

Top Grade security systems
There are a few deals on offer at the moment by security firms such as the Security Centre, where GE Allegro systems are being sold for less than $500.

Surveillance equipment also serves as an effective deterrent, according to industry insiders.

One of the more interesting items on the market is the Closed Circuit TV and video service from IEL, which can be obtained at Island Electronics Security and Monitoring Ltd.

According to Marketing Consultant Kirk Rampersad, “The device gives  clients a whole new way of monitoring their homes, whether they are there or not.”

He goes on to explain that you can   connect to the system remotely from anywhere in the world, once you  have internet access, allowing you  to see what is happening at a location in “real time.” The product can also give reasons for why an alarm is going off, as well as give home-owners the benefit of seeing who is at the door before granting entry.

In fact, it is said the noise from an alarm will nearly always send an intruder packing, making these types of devices an almost essential investment.

Personal security
The irony of security is that when you take certain precautions, you are technically admitting that there is a problem in a very subtle way.

Martial Arts Instructor Greg Reid, who teaches Karate at the Kings Sports Centre, said he has seen a marked increase in the numbers of persons signing up for classes, especially among women.

He added that these types of courses were not only about self-defence but also had a great deal to do with confidence, as well as an over all holistic approach to wellness, inner-peace and a positive state of mind.

“Though Karate teaches one to fight, it is more about not fighting and avoiding conflict through peaceful resolution of problems/differences,” said Reid. He went on to say that those who learn the discipline of Karate usually transferred those principals to other parts of their lives.

The topic of exercise, especially for women also comes into the security equation when one realises that many local women feel unsafe walking or running in the mornings or at night.

The answer, may be  a simple and fairly inexpensive one. Get a dog.

A k-9 can be one of the most effective ways of protecting one’s self and according to Humane Society president Carolyn Parker the animals can be secured for under $100.

“They don’t have to be a particular breed to be protective and every dog is potentially a good guard dog,” she said.

Dog Trainer Kenneth Morgan, who volunteers his skills with the Humane Society, says he has seen an increase in the number of people acquiring dogs and requesting training for protection.

Referred to as the “dog whisperer,” Morgan is widely accepted as one of the premier dog trainers in the Cayman Islands.

He teaches a class on the Seven Mile Beach – free of charge – on Saturday mornings for persons who adopt dogs from the Humane Society.

There are also Wednesday evening private classes taught at a $50 per-hour rate, as well as an intensive six week group course available for $240.

Morgan said, ‘Though most of the increase we have experienced has been among women, I would also encourage men to consider the benefits to having a dog, not only as a companion but also as a means of protection.”

He elaborated on the sentiments offered by Miss Parker: “It does not matter the age or type of dog you get. Puppies are great but adult dogs have the added component of adjusting more quickly and are territorial and protective almost immediately.’

The long and short of the matter is this: Though Cayman is not among the world’s crime Meccas, it is still important to take crime prevention and social freedom quite seriously.

And even if there were only one burglary per annum affecting the Islands, that is one too many.