Robbery and break-ins with interest

 Dear Editor,
I read the article regarding robbery and break-ins with interest.
I have had several instances in the time I have lived in Cayman where I was involved in apprehending shop lifter and where we had tools and equipment stolen from our complex. I must say that I was and still am very disappointed in the attitude and professionalism of the RCIPS.
In some 6 to 8 instances of shoplifting or employee theft where the RCIPS  was called I was never able to find out how the cases were handled nor was I ever called on to testify. In one instance the person bit me so hard that I was bleeding profusely and was told by the RCIPS that I needed to go immediately to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor and nurses warned me that I could easily contract any number of serious maladies so I needed to have follow-up blood tests. They furthered stated these maladies may not be able to be detected for months. Needless to say I was very concerned and this concern went on for months. The arresting officer at the time stated she had committed aggravated assault and should also be charged with that in addition to the shoplifting. Once again I never heard anything so I have no idea as to if there was any punishment meted out or not.
In the case of the burglary at our complex I discovered a storage room had been broken into and there was a power saw, power drill, assorted hand tools, an air compressor and a power washer all missing. I was a day or two later informed by a neighbor that they had seen the goods loaded into a bus and taken away. I asked if they knew the person and was told they did. I went to the thief’s home on 2 occasions and never found them there. I then went to the police and made a full report including who the thief was. Some 3 months later I went to the station and asked if I could talk to someone who would know what the results of the information I had given were. I was told oh, you must be who these things belong to and was escorted to a shed where all the merchandise was being stored. There was never an attempt to contact me. I then asked how they got the merchandise and was told they went to the home searched the premises and found the goods in the garage. Never heard a thing. Have no idea if the person went free or had any penalty imposed what so ever.
In my opinion the actions of the RCIPS in these instances is not only unprofessional but create suspicion that only expats are ever found guilty and are punished. All the above makes me very suspicious of anything in dealing with the RCIPS.
 Roger N. Dreyer