Creating bedroom bliss

 The most personal of rooms, a bedroom is all about comfort and creating your own space in a home. For most, the need to show off a space ends where the bedroom begins, and creating somewhere relaxing and personal is vital.

The ideal colours for a bedroom are the cooler colours like blues and greens. These have a calming effect, which can aid falling asleep. A bright, warm colour like red might seem attractive at first and set the tone for a romantic evening at home, but might make falling asleep more difficult.

With the blue sky and ocean as well as the lush greenery that characterise Cayman, these colours also present the ideal opportunity to draw the outdoors in through an echoing of these colours in a room.

Although a colour might appeal on a sample, painting all the walls in that colour may be too much. It is often a good idea to go a shade lighter than you think you should, as an entire wall can often turn out much darker than anticipated from a small sample. Consider painting just the wall the bed rests against in colour, leaving the other walls white or off-white.

Tie it all together
When it comes to creating a look in a room, repeating a colour in decorative pieces around the room can really tie it together, with stores like Bedside Manor offering a wide selection. Putting together a palette of colours that work together is also vital, as merely repeating the same colour over and over can be just as boring as no colour at all. Calling on the skills of an interior designer can make a big difference, snf companies like IDG can help you pull together the look you want with unique pieces.

Lighting plays as much of a role in creating the right atmosphere in a bedroom as colour does. Bright, direct lighting runs counter to the idea of relaxation, and a bedroom may be better served by more indirect lighting. Dimmer switches are also a useful addition. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all light bulbs can be run on a dimmer switch. This is especially true with some of the compact fluorescent bulbs, so it is important to check whether the bulbs fitted in the room will need to be replaced.

An absence of light in the bedroom is also very important for peaceful sleep. Selecting window treatments that effectively block out any outside light can make a big difference to your quality of sleep, as there is a lot of ambient light in most environments, whether from porch lights or street lights. Options include blackout window shades or even just blackout linings sewn to the back of existing curtains.

A bedroom renovation does not have to involve much more than moving the furniture. Quite often there are many possible ways for furniture to be organised in the room, with the obvious solution quite often not the best one.

Creating a sitting area in a bedroom can also add another facet to it. Add two chairs, a couple of reading lamps and you have an area that can serve equally well as the perfect spot for a morning cup of coffee or an evening read.

Match furniture to room
It is very important to match the furniture to the room. Big, heavy furniture can overpower a smaller room, while smaller pieces could get lost in a big room. Even though an item of furniture may appeal to you, a company with a wide range of items like Wood’s Furniture & Design might offer up some alternatives that better suit the room.

Many bedrooms lack sufficient built-in storage. Although adding a chest with drawers can help, there are more elegant solutions.

The average closet has lots of wasted space, but with a couple of built-in shelves, an additional rod and even some better lighting, the closet can be transformed. It will not only accommodate more clothing, but also make everything easier to find.

According to Helen Leacock, principal designer at Custom Closets, which is now located at BrandSource Home Gallery, making the most of existing space can present the best solution.

“We must regard the space from floor to ceiling as usable space and to successfully utilise this space we must identify the types of clothing or items to be stored and then organise accordingly,” she says.

In order to make the most of the space, consider the type and quantity of clothing to be stored.

“A designer can help you through this process objectively and our professional closet systems utilise adjustable rods, shelving and accessories that allow for change and growth, which is particularly important with growing families and lifestyle changes,” Helen says.

A customised closet can also incorporate drawers, which can eliminate the need for additional pieces of furniture in the room.

Other storage solutions include a base set with built-in drawers for the storage of bed linen, freeing up the linen closet for other items.

Bedroom electronics
Although computers may be omnipresent in the modern home, the bedroom may not be the ideal place for them. With its association with the office and work, it is best to find the computer its own space in another room.

Although traditional televisions have often taken up too much space in a bedroom, flat screen alternatives can be wall mounted well out of the way. It can even take the place of a mirror on the wall.

Although creating the perfect space for relaxation in your bedroom could be a bit of a chore, the result of a well put together bedroom design will allow you to rest easy.