Christmas decor for your home

Decorating your home for Christmas is loads of fun especially with the huge amount of ornaments and other beautiful shiny things out there in the shops.

But it is precisely because there are so many different styles and colours of decorations that one needs to step back and think what look you are going for.

Many designers recommend choosing your decor by first deciding on a colour scheme, while others think more in terms of themes.

It certainly makes life easier if you think in terms of colour. A simple way to do this is to focus on the colours you have already in your home and then choose complimentary colours that bring out the seasonal feeling.

It’s also wise not to go completely against the type of decor you already have. For instance, if your home has warm colours, it would be best to choose golds and reds for decorations rather than icy white and silver.

Taking just one colour can also work. Think of the idea of moonlight shining on snow and sparkles everywhere and recreate it with lots of silver, light crystal and glass baubles for a lovely elegant feel.

If you want a more glamorous look, create it by using metallic colours and baubles in colours like burgundy, violet and gold and choose rich textures such as velvet to compliment them.

If you like lots of colour then think in terms of the colour of jewels and use that as your base.

If you feel really confused and in need of inspiration, have a look at what some of the shops have done with their decor.

Anne Roberts at Welcome Home   has chosen two colours in terms of ornaments and trees – one tree red with crystal ornaments while the other, which she calls “my black tie tree” has silver and black trimmings.

She likes quite a traditional look with red and black poinsettias around the tree.

She suggests buying a couple of ornaments and then building up around that.

Another idea she loves, borrowed from her sister, which gives a lovely old time feel is to “take different types of small frames and add photographs of loved ones on the tree”.

Designer Katie Adams has her own particular rules when she decorates.

She says “I always use white lights, not multi colours on the tree. My favourite is just silver and gold mix of ornaments but it is also nice to have a small splash of colour that is not your usual Christmas colour, like purple.”

If you have stairs or a landing, she recommends taking a string and running it from one end to the other, then hanging Christmas cards over it. If you want a more traditional look, use green tree-looking garlands to intertwine around banisters.

Katie also suggests elevating your tree onto a box and covering it with some nice Christmas material so you can stack your presents under it.

For a Caymanian-flavoured Christmas, make your own Christmas centrepiece using some driftwood or washed-up bamboo. Hang some tree balls at different heights off the wood and hang it over your table or in your hall for some Island decorations. Again go for either gold and silver or a third colour, but not too many colours at once.

For another local touch find a coconut tree and cut a few of the long leaves, then tie them around rolled napkins as greenery.

Another tip Katie recommends is “have a single poinsettia floating in a glass dish as a centre piece- it’s a shot of colour without too much fuss.”

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