Gift ideas for the gardener in your life

Choosing a gift for gardeners is easy because gardeners tend to love everything about their garden. The following is the Observer  pick of some of the hot presents for avid gardeners this festive season.

1. Potlifters are a fantastic gift for the gardener. This is a simple apparatus that allows two people to easily lift up to 200 pounds. The item can be just about anything, from a potted plant that needs to be moved to another location, a huge landscape rock, or even a way to move those most precious potted plants to shelter when a hurricane is imminent.

2. Composters and a nice aesthetic container to put your kitchen scraps into before transferring them to your composter also make great gifts. A wonderful book on composting to go with this gift is a sure winner.

3. All types of  plants placed in a decorative basket or pot.  Add a ribbon and bow and you have a gift that will grow.

4. Furniture for the home or garden including a beautiful wrap around bench that goes around the trunk of a tree.

5. Pass on the gardening bug to children with a starter pack called ‘Gardener in training’. The pack  is available for several age ranges and includes gardening tools.

6. Other choices for kids are paint-your-own garden bird house kits, paint-your-own pots and paint-your-own garden gnome kits.

7. Outdoor clocks and rain gauges are always a popular choice Many gardeners will also appreciate and be inspired by  bronze plaques with garden sayings .

8. And finally grow boxes are a great gift for the gardener that needs a raised garden bed to grow veggies or herbs.

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