Looking sporty, looking good

 Long gone are the days when it was all right to wear a baggy t shirt and even baggier leggings to a yoga or gym class .Over the years, sports and recreational clothes have become funky and fashionable with items of clothing easily making the crossover to everyday wear.

But it is not a case of just looking good – sports clothes also have to be fit for the purpose and allow the user to be comfortable while participating in their chosen activity. A lot of research has gone into sports clothes and modern fabrics are stretchable, allowing the body its full range of movement, but also provide support.

If you are looking to give a Christmas present to a sports enthusiast and you want to get away from the uniformity of the big named brands, Funky Monkey has just extended their shop and has introduced new ranges of sports and recreation clothes.

These clothes look seriously good.

The Vata Brasil one size fit wear is a line from Canada but is made in Brazil from a custom material called ‘Free Fit’ made of a four-way stretch fabric so the material stretches with you, holds you in all the right places but does not lose its shape, sag or bag or ‘pill’ like most active wear lines do. The material also wicks away the moisture and due to the four-way stretch does not have any pressure point so it does not dig in anywhere, for example around the waist and you avoid the muffin top effect. The collection includes sports bras, tops, shorts, capris, long pants, running skirts, tennis dresses, bodysuits, vest and hoodies.

Pink Lotus/Green Dragon Yoga clothes are gorgeous in soft organic materials and natural colours which make you feel purer just looking at them, never mind actually wearing them to a yoga class.

All the clothes in the sports range can easily cross over into everyday wear or leisure wear and just wearing them should make you feel fitter.

Another Canadian brand, the sizing starts at a 0/XS through to size 16. The plus sizing runs generous so is perfect for ladies with curves. The women’s collection includes; sports tops, shirts, capris, shorts and long pants.