Porsche Panamera purrs into Cayman

 The Porsche  Panamera S  made its debut on island last week and the crowds  came out to admire it. Despite the recession and  a basic price tag of CI$125,000.0, ( price varies according to ordered  additions) Porsche says the Panamera has sold well around the world. This month  they announced they  had just build  their 10,000 Panamera, a 500-horsepower platinum silver metallic.

The Panamera has  also received various accolades from the auto industry and auto magazines.. In Canada, it won the title of  “Best New Prestige Car” , from the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). Conducting thorough test drives, the AJAC journalists featured, among other highlights, the best brakes and the best acceleration ever measured by the AJAC.

Yet another title awarded to the Panamera is the “Interamerican Car of the Year 2010” proclaimed by the Federación Interamericana de Periodistas del Automóvil (FIPA), an association of 81 Panamerican car journalists from 21 countries. Porsche’s Gran Turismo thrilled these experts in all disciplines such as progressive technology, performance, environmental care, and the significance of the car for each national market. Given these qualities, the Panamera was able to beat a significant line-up of no less than 37 leading automobiles.