Honda Fit Staff report

Honda isa popular model in the Caribbean and the Honda
remains Honda’s
most affordable model. Car City has currently the 2010 model in stock .The Fit,
which comes only as a five-door hatchback was completely redesigned last year
but has remained the same size
due to its tall, upright body style is roomier on the inside.

Some people do not care for the shape, it
is not generally considered ascetically pleasing by reviewers but it suits Fits


“Visually the new Fit is a big
improvement on the geeky, goggle-eyed current model; cleaner, sharper, with
less of a whiff of sweaty basements and flickering computer screens.” – Motor Trend

“Another car that is so ugly that it’s
cute. But its design with a purpose, and form, in this case, greatly enhances
function.” –Washington Post


Inside, the rakish windshield leave a vast
expanse of dashboard ahead of the driver, lending an airier feel than some
other small cars. The swoopy, two-tiered instrument panel employs textured and
matte-metallic plastic surfaces, along with upholstery and trim that are simple
but sturdy.

Space-efficient interior design is one of
the Fit’s strengths; Honda actually allowed enough headroom and legroom for two
adults—or three kids—in back, and the so-called Magic Seat folds flat by
lifting a single lever and pushing the seatback forward, with no need to remove
rear headrests in the process. The driving position affords a good view
outward, and the steering wheel telescopes on all models.

Reviews generally like the 2010 Honda Fit’s
interior, from its impressive list of both standard and optional features to
its cavernous cargo space and innovative “Magic Seat.”

“Compact on the outside yet spacious
inside, the Fit stands apart from other entry-level vehicles with its
multifunctional interior and high levels of refinement. –

“Gifted with the interior space and
versatility of a well-designed minivan.”

Washington Post

“If you’ve never been in a Fit, you’d
be surprised by the fit. Like many small cars these days, its interior size
belies its exterior dimensions. At 6 feet tall, I had substantial headroom
surplus, and legroom was good enough that I had to inch the driver’s seat forward
a bit to get full extension on the clutch pedal.” –


1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine in the Fit makes 117 horsepower, but
that’s plenty to move the Fit quite quickly with the manual transmission and
adequately with the automatic. Overall, Honda just gets it, achieving a very
responsive, tossable feel that makes the Fit seem almost sports-car nimble yet
also quiet and refined enough for an interstate trip. Parking and manoeuvrability
are strengths, and despite the tall body and rather light weight, the Fit
cruises confidently and relatively quietly at 80 mph.

“We got behind the wheel of a Sport model
with the automatic transmission, which includes a set of solid paddle shifters.
This is and will be Honda’s most popular model, and for good reason. For something
this small and inexpensive, it’s one of the most fun things we’ve driven in a
long time.” – Motor Trend

and Braking

Test drivers tend to agree that the Fit
offers excellent ride quality although they say the Sport model offers better
handling than the base model. The Fit is a great choice as an urban runabout.
“The real secret to Fit’s zippy nature is terrifically direct steering and
nimble handling. This is most apparent at low to moderate speeds, where the car
dives into corners, carves them precisely, and exits with little bobbing or
lean. Their tauter suspension and wider tires give Fit Sports enough advantage
to convince sensitive drivers of extra money well spent.” –


The 2010 Honda Fit is one of the best small
cars for occupant protection, achieving five stars for front occupants in both
frontal and side-impact tests from the federal government (four stars for
side-impact and backseat passengers), and top good ratings from the Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) across the board. It was the only
“minicar,” as the IIHS designates it, to be named a 2009 Top Safety
Pick from the group.