Excitement mounts over Audi A1

What Car magazine in the U.K has voted the A1 as the “Most Exciting Car of 2010”. This is even before anyone has seen the actual car. Readers voted on the concept study seen at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2007.

What We Know About the 2010 Audi A1

The 2010 Audi A1 could take its cue from the Mini Cooper, which has been a solid success in its first five years. Mini is an arm of BMW, and it’s only natural that other upscale brands are looking at premium minicars of their own. Among them is Audi, the premium division of Volkswagon, where a recent management shuffle has strengthened the odds for a baby Audi smaller than today’s compact-sized Audi A3hatchback.

The Audi A1 could be on U.S. soil as early as model-year 2010, say industry sources. It’ll be somewhat smaller than the A3, but longer, wider, and taller than the popular Mini Cooper. In fact, the A1 is likely to be sized close to the BMW 1-Series.

The 2010 Audi A1’s basic design will doubtless borrow heavily from parent VW’s European-market Polo, but will likely not be a retrimmed version of that small hatchback. VW/Audi says it’s moved beyond sharing complete platforms to devising component “modules” that can be mixed and matched to create unique products for each nameplate. Colleen Mellott ,sales and marketing manager of Arch Automotive Cayman, said they were pleased by the Which car endorsement.

“Audi is expanding the product range and entering a new vehicle segment. As with all Audi products there will be meticulous attention to detail.”

Audi were also  making news in Miami last week.

The  International Federation of Automotive Journalists (FIPA) voted  the Audi Q5 the best SUV of the year. It is hugely popular in Cayman because as Mellott says “it’s the perfect Crossover SUV for the Cayman Islands because it has a spacious interior yet small enough to negotiate traffic and manoeuvre into any parking spot.”

The Porsche Panamera,  was also a winner, garnering  the accolade of  best car of the  year. This comes as   no surprise to Jane van der Bol at Autohaus Cayman.

“The Porsche Panamera evokes such emotion in me personally, that I am still trying to figure out if it is the phenomenal sleek outline, the superior comfort and space in the luxurious interior, or that it drives like a sports car but feels like a luxury sedan. I guess you’ll just have to drive one to understand what I am feeling!”

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