Choosing the all important crib

 When you are thinking about furniture for a nursery you really do not want to overcrowd, you can easily get away with the basics: a c rib, a changing table, storage space for clothes and a comfy chair for yourself.
   The most important item is the crib and there are all sorts of styles out there to consider depending on your budget.
   Cribs have to pass rigorous safety checks but there are a few checks you can do yourself to make sure your crib is suitable.
   Make sure it is stable and does not wobble.
   The distance between crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches.
   Dropsides must be at least 9 inches above the mattress support when lowered and at least 26 inches when raised.
   The crib should have a firm, tight-fitting mattress. If you can fit two fingers between the crib and the mattress, the mattress is too small.
   Raise and lower the sides to make sure it is quiet and easy to operate. Remember if the release is too easy, your child may be able to figure it out.
   Single drop side cribs let you reach your baby easily from one side.
   Double drop side let you get in from any side.
   Convertibles adjust from a crib to a toddler bed once your baby is old enough.
   Solid cribs have no drop side you don’t have the worry of your child opening it, but you have to lean in and out with the baby.
   Storage drawers provide a convenient place to put extra bedding or other baby necessities.
   Many nowadays come with a changing table attached, cutting out the need for another piece of furniture.
   Crib bumpers — Padding on the inside of the crib railings stop your baby bumping itself.
   Adjustable mattress heights — As your child grows older and learns to climb, it will be helpful to be able to lower the mattress to prevent injury. Castors – Means you can move it around the room and makes it easy to change bedding.
   There are many styles of crib to choose from in Cayman.
   Little Darlings has a large stock of different styles from drop sides to solid cribs. These are very good quality, solid looking cribs with lots of space.
   One that caught my eye in particular was a beautiful sleigh style head board which looks as if it is made for a little prince or princess.
Baby Shoppe has just opened and as well as standard cots they have a smaller portable circular cot. The great advantage of this is that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is also good if you are short of space, being smaller than a standard crib. Another useful feature is that it can attach to your bed for mothers who want their baby close to them in the night. Obvious advantages are you do not need to get up when the baby wakes. To attach it to the bed straps go under the bed.
   They also have a selection of convertible cribs which turn into toddler beds and chests of drawers that match the cots.
   Noah’s Ark stocks two brands of cribs – Young America and the Swedish-made Stokke.
   One of the intriguing things about Stokke is that they break from the standard rectangular shape and go for oval.
   Susan Clarke at Noah’s Ark says this is because it resembles the shape of the womb and soothes the baby.
   The cribs are made of beach wood and as you would expect from Swedish design looks beautifully light and airy. The Sleepi crib is a system designed to grow with your child taking them from birth to seven years of age. There is also a nice feature where once your child has outgrown the bed it can be transformed into two chairs.
   The cribs are available in four different shades.

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