Dolphin men aim for more fish

 Fishing is a treasured sport and past-time on these shores.
   The latest chance to glimpse the hoopla around fishing comes this month. One of Cayman’s newest and biggest tournaments gets going in the form of the Barcadere Classic.
   All of the angling action is slated to take place February 27-28 at the Barcadere Marina in George Town, Grand Cayman.
   If last year’s event is any indication this year’s competition should be special.
   Over a dozen anglers took part in last year’s inaugural event and hit the waters in search of three main fish in Wahoo, Dolphin and Yellowfin Tuna.
   All of the species are common in Cayman’s waters though the Wahoo is in season into April.
   One man who did very well for himself in the tournament was Justin Ebanks of the Blue Moon boat crew.
   The young North Sider had three catches in the competition, nabbing the two heaviest Dolphins (at 25lb and 23lb each) and a sizeable Wahoo (38.6lb).
   In fact between Justin and fellow North Side fishermen/crew member Douglas Ebanks the Blue Moon crew caught some 110.7lbs of fish in the tournament.
   However Justin Ebanks prides himself on catching Dolphin. As he states it’s the thrill of the catch that has him hooked.
   “It’s a good feeling and a real challenge. It’s better when you can have the only catches because you have all the bragging rights. It’s the look on everyone’s faces at the weigh station that you live for.”
   Last year’s fishing conditions were not ideal however. Ebanks spoke about making his catches in the face of choppy seas.
   “Every tournament I took part in last year had rough and bumpy water. However East End and the eastern side of the island was where we made our catches.
   “What it boiled down to was we carried “the spot” in the boat, deployed “the spot” in the water and brought “the spot” back with us.”
   Ultimately Ebanks is looking forward to this year’s event and unleashing some surprises.
   “When it comes to hooking the fish I just use ballyhoo and a conventional tackle (Penn 50lb Internationals). My secret is all my hooks are baited with my pitcher.
   “This year I have a secret weapon in store. A good fisherman never tells all his secrets but what I can tell you is I’ll be giving a stimulus package to the dolphins.”

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