Workplace Solutions offers counselling, mediation

Established in 2005, Workplace Solutions’ roots lie in the company’s focus on assisting the corporate sector with workplace issues.
But since the days the company began providing counselling services to managers, supervisors, employees and their families, the company’s services have expanded to encompass a much wider range of topics that almost anyone can benefit from.
Dee Duggan is the company’s director and clinical counsellor/therapist for Workplace Solutions.
“Through our unique approach to counselling in the workplace we were able to break down some of the more common barriers and stigmas associated with counselling, and we successfully encouraged active staff participation in our various programs,” she said.
“This active participation promoted and resulted in a far more motivated, dedicated and healthy workforce for our corporate clients.”
Workplace Solutions provides professional and confidential counselling in a safe environment for clients to discuss their most personal concerns.
In addition to its workplace counselling, the company counsels in areas of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and ADHD, grief and substance abuse counselling, family issues like divorce, separation, marital and parenting coaching and counselling. 
Julie McLaughlin is Workplace Solutions’ director of mediation and facilitation services.
“This latest offering is an exciting new service available to the Cayman Islands community and one that we envisage will provide all sectors of the population –  both private and commercial – with an effective, efficient and cost effective medium for resolving disputes amicably and facilitating change seamlessly,” she said.
She said the company is able to offer marital mediation for the settlement of specific issues required for reconciliation, as well as divorce mediation as a cost-effective and more amicable, family focused alternative to litigation.
In terms of family issues, the company can also provide elder mediation to develop a communication action plan for parents and their adult children.
In addition, Workplace Solutions offers workplace mediation to resolve both internal and external organisational conflicts, mediation in schools and with young people regarding such issues as bullying, mediation of disputes between neighbours, landlord and tenant, or individuals in the community and mediation of construction disputes.
The company’s corporate programmes include counselling, mediation, designing dispute resolution systems, team initiative facilitation, corporate workshops on workplace and wellness topics, management support and consultation and informative newsletters on topics such as workplace productivity, conflict management and healthy lifestyles.
Other workshop topics include time management, balancing work and family, parenting skills, conflict resolution, communication and stress management.

For further information on Workplace Solutions call 949-1327 or email [email protected]

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