Parents take responsibility

 Dear Editor,

Alexis De Tocqueville, that noted French writer and philospher, wrote in his literary masterpiece, Democracy In America…” If society is tranquil, it is not because it is conscious of its strength and well being, but because it fears its weakness and infirmities, and strives to correct them”

Like all of us, I am saddened by the recent deaths of our young people, particularly the young boy who was only four years old {4} who had no fault in these sad occurrences.

Perhaps as a country, we should ask ourselves what we have done wrong to allow this situation to reach this alarming stage. Every responsible citizen and resident of this country should ponder well this serious question, with the greatest of reflection.
Madam Editor, may I suggest that although there might be some isolated cases in this present crime dilemma, which has no bearing on the home or family situation, but I believe the problem we now face with many of our young people getting into trouble, comes directly from the problems of the home. While sitting on the Juvenile court, as justice of the peace, and hearing many of the problems that exist in our homes. I could write very eloquently on the problems that confronts us in this society…

For I believe  too much fear has been put in the minds of good parents, from the human rights proponents, of what they cannot do in giving the proper discipline  to their children. Being born and raised in this Island, we all know the great value that discipline has brought to our lives, when we needed it, and which certainly did not make us rebellious, or caused us to love and respect our parents less, but rather it instilled in our minds, the necessary ingredients that allowed us to become good citizens of this county, and to raise our own children as well.

 For indeed, like so many of us, I too believe, that parental weakness and permissiveness forms the core of a lot of our social problems we now face. Because when a youth is neglected in care and proper discipline in their formative years, no good results can be expected of them, unless they surrender their lives to God, and allow him to be the true guide of their life. What is needed more in the homes of today, is for parents to take up the mantle of leadership, and create a more structured environment which would consist of applying proper rules and guidelines, that are fair and consistent for their children to follow.

While I take great pleasure to acknowledge, that there are many good parents, and young people in our society, who are striving to create  a good community, however, more parents must strive for excellence, in raising their children. For it is imperative, that fathers assume a greater sense of leadership in the home, and not leave it for the mothers to bear!

I also believe that although children have a special place of love and affection for their mother, but we should never forget, that they expect that special guidance and direction from their father, and when it is not found, it brings the greatest sense of disappointment to their lives. Fathers don’t be afraid to tell your children, how much you love them; they crave and yearn for that assurance from you.

The country is very pleased to hear, that his Excellency the governor has instructed the legal department to begin the process of putting in place, the proper legislation that would ensure the privacy and confidentiality of citizens that would come forward in reporting when they have seen a crime being committed, which is a giant step in the final detection of these crimes that is being committed..which i am sure the Government and all citizens would support.

 May we as parents, always remember, that every day of our lives, we make deposits, into   the memory banks of our children. They are our most valuable assets that we have. As a country we cannot fail them, to do so, we will certainly be failing ourselves!!

We must do all we can to raise them up in the fear of God. So that it will continue to be said of us,” that the Cayman people is a good people, and that it is safe to live” we have cherished that name brand, but now it is left to each of us, to make Cayman ;

Safe and tranquil, not only for us to live in, but for the visitors as well.

In closing, I would like to dedicate the words of this song to parents and our young people, which I trust would inspire them for good.

                 ‘Oh give us homes, built firm upon the Savior.

                Where Christ is head, and counsellor and guide,

                 Where every child is taught his love and favour.

               And give his heart to Christ the crucified.

               How sweet to know, that though his footsteps waver,

              his faithful Lord is walking by his side.”

                         W. Garfield Powery J P.