Staying forever young

 People are living longer and it has never been easier, with the array of anti ageing cosmetic procedures now available, to look much younger than your actual age. But there is more to anti ageing than just looking younger, most people would also hope as they grow older to maintain physical, emotional and mental well being which characterises true health.

The idea of preventative medicine, that you can prevent major illnesses and diseases by adopting healthy lifestyle choices, has become mainstream and alternative therapies have become a factor for many people in maintaining health and well being. The complementary medicine approach is that an individual is treated in a holistic way, which simply put means that the whole person’s make up is considered, not just a body or an ailment.

Practitioners also believe that treatments can trigger the body’s own healing abilities.

Inside and out
The Da Vinci Wellness and Alternative Therapies Centre opened in Cayman last month and it combines facial and body esthetics with a range of complementary therapies.

Walking in you find a beautiful calm space with comfortable spa -like treatment rooms. One of the selling points of the centre is the fact you can have access to a number of therapists all with something special to offer.

The therapists
Beverly Eddington is a holistic practitioner who draws on a wide range of complementary therapies which she tailors according to each client’s needs. Acupuncturist Allison Davis is trained in Chinese therapeutic massage), craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, auriculotherapy, and Chinese nutritional therapy as well as acupuncture.

Chiropractor, Dr Eddie Fernandes also studied sport injuries and is proficient in ART (Active Release Technique), a specialised soft tissue modality particularly good for sports injuries.  Renee Suess does deep tissue massage and a wonderful Swedish massage, which stimulates the circulation and lymphatic system to expel toxins. Hypnotherapist Paul Challenger deals with things such as stress management, smoking cessation and weight management, while Jeanna Parsons deals with all aspects of fitness.

Having all this talent under one roof means staff work together and can refer clients on.

One of the most interesting aspects though and something which makes the Da Vinci centre unique,    is its preventative and regenerative programme.

Despite all our good intentions over time our bodies start to age. Wear and tear tells, toxins build up, free radicals run rampant and cells get older. Practitioners of anti ageing medicine believe that if you remove toxins that harm the body such as heavy metals and balance hormones and vitamin deficiencies then it will help slow down the ageing process.

At Da Vinci centre an analysis of hormone levels, vitamin levels, toxins and heavy metals is taken and on that analysis a replacement program is created specific to each individual. The final step in this application is regenerative cell therapy, which is prepared from the blood specimen of each individual.

The theory behind regenerative cell therapy is that it allows one’s own cells to have the potential for “homing the body”, searching for tissues and organs which are damaged or deficient due to disease and the aging process. Once these areas are recognised by the regenerative cells, they are able to repair these tissues and organs by regeneration. And how do they know the cells can do this? Well according to  he Da Vinci centre   techniques “have been established for labelling these Regenerative Cells and therefore tracking them to the target organs and demonstrating their effectiveness.”

For face and body the esthetic treatments include laser skin tightening  therapy, Botox and dermal fillers  and for the body mesotherapy, which is  only practiced by about  4000 doctors worldwide. In mesotherapy a combination of natural ingredients is injected into areas of fat  and it apparently  liquefies the fat.

Another new procedure is carboxytherapy where carbon monoxide is injected into scars and stretch marks. It is thought to improve circulation and increases oxygen to the area so improves the appearance of the skin.

While the Da Vinci centre will certainly be an attraction for local residents they also hope that it might benefit Cayman in another way, that it will draw people worldwide who are interested in anti ageing techniques and want to combine treatments and therapies all at the same centre while enjoying a holiday too.

The Da Vinci Centre  Wellness and Alternative Therapies Centre is located on the Strand