Barcadere Classic has anglers hooked

 There is an old saying that says there is more than one way to skin a cat.
   In a similar way there’s more than one way to catch big fish. Lincoln Hurlstone and Nicholas Jones proved that last month.
   The men were just two  of  group of over 100 anglers who took part  in the second annual Barcadere Classic at the Barcadere marina in George Town.
   The duo was among the big winners by the end of the fishing days. Hurlstone nabbed the biggest Dolphin at 26.8 pounds aboard the Bare Assets boat.
   Jones had the largest Yellowfin Tuna at 67lbs aboard Pura Vida. That catch doubled as the heaviest for the entire event.
   For their efforts both men nabbed CI$1000 cash as part of their first place winnings.
   Adding to the excitement of the tournament was a catboat race that featured some 10 vessels from Cayman’s past.
   Fishing may involve a fair amount of luck but as Hurlstone states competitive angling requires the ability to read signs.
   “It was very exciting. We went off the North Sound channel and experienced rough seas and engine trouble. Once we got through that we went off down the south coast round by the South Sound.
   “At that point we saw a Man O’War (a frigatebird) and that was a sign the dolphins were out there. We put out two lines: the smallest one, manned by Andrew Ward, caught a small dolphin and mine caught the big bull.”
   Jones, like a lot of fishermen, prefers to keep his techniques a secret. But he did give some insight and some colourful banter on how the fish was caught.
   “On Saturday (the first fishing day of the tournament) the weather was perfect. Sunday morning (the second day) was a totally different story however with the cold front that moved into the area.
   “The fish was caught at 60 mile bank at around midday on Saturday. As far as catching the fish goes it was caught drifting.
   “I can’t really give any more details than that because I would hate for Team Blue Moon to figure out how to catch a fish.”
   In addition to the differing locations and techniques both men also used different rods and bait.
   Hurlstone used a naked ballyhoo on an 80lb test reel. The reason being he says is so that he can have a physical advantage over the fish.
   “I found the ballyhoo is best for trolling and catching the dolphin. I might use it with a skirt (using various colours depending on the tides) for Wahoo.
   “The 80lb test comes from me liking to use big reels to secure the fish. I find it makes reeling in the fish easier and there’s less chance of it breaking when you’re after a big one. I also feel like I can pressure the fish more and use less force and effort to reel it in.”
   Jones used a similar size reel but had a small fish as bait to get the tuna (which feasts on other fish as part of its diet).
   “I used a Melton Tuna Stalker rod with a Shimano 80W reel and the bait was a fresh Savannah sprat.”