Get moving after school

There really is no excuse for kids in Cayman to say there is nothing to do. There are a host of activities from sport to more cultural activities, either affiliated to schools or run by separate organisations.
Children can participate in all the traditional sports such as football, rugby and hockey but there are also other types of activities which will improve children’s fitness and well being.
Dance is a great way of increasing mobility, flexibility and aerobic capacity. Linda Rayner teaches ballet at Fitness Connection while the Barnes Dance Academy offers classes in jazz, modern, lyrical and creative movement as well as workshops in hip-hop. The oldest dance school on the island is Miss Jackie’s School of Dance. They also offer classes in the various forms of dance but everyone starts with ballet. Miss Jackie says ,“In dance everything stems from ballet, it is probably the most disciplined of all the dances and you have to learn the basis. Ballet is like the flour in the cake.”
Besides being a wonderful way of keeping fit, Miss Jackie thinks dance can also boost children’s capacity to learn and organise themselves as trying to learn lots of different dance steps and coordinate body movements  is quite challenging.
Fitness Connection Tel 🙁 345) 945 8485.
Barnes Dance academy Tel: 345 925 8876 or email: [email protected]
Miss Jackie Tel: 345 949 7296

Martial Arts
Martial Arts are also something which is credited with teaching children self discipline. Aundre Ebanks  who teaches don jitsu ryu  at Purple Dragon  goes so far as to say children who train in the martial arts tend to do well in school and do not cause trouble. Don jitsu ryu   is a blend between Karate and Jujitsu. Like all martial arts it is a form of self defence or as Ebanks puts it “life defence.”
As well as the fitness and agility aspects it teaches children discipline and to be responsive to commands.
They take children from 4 years old and they get a free trial class to evaluate if they want to carry on.
Ebanks says, “Training in martial arts will build up a child’s self confidence and self esteem.”And another benefit is that kids are less likely to succumb to negative peer pressure.
Purple Dragon also holds Karate classes which run for 10 sessions on Fridays for one hour.
    Cayman Associated Schools of Karate (C.A.S.K. Karate), located in King’s Sports Centre in Red Bay, teaches the wado karate style.  Mr Graham offers two classes: one for kids age 4-12 and another for age 13-adult.    Tae kwon do classes for all age groups are also taught by Master Graham at Cayman Prep School on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm
 Jiu-jitsu, at the Blue Iguana Dojo Tel: 345 917 6413 or email: [email protected]
Karate Tel: .345 925 3367 email:  [email protected]
Purple Dragon Tel: 345) 946 1241
FitKids Classes
A new after school club
at the Da Vinci Centre. Children are individually evaluated for a specific fitness programme. The classes are tailored to 5-10 children per class and include stretching, aerobics and basic conditioning. The aim is cardio workouts, strength conditioning and having fun. They also will combine it with teaching about healthy nutrition and diet.
DaVinci Centre Tel:9432002
Gymnastics classes are a great way for children to build strength, flexibility and confidence. Motions Unlimited has state of the art gymnastics equipment for adults and children including a trampoline, zip line, and 40-foot-long trampoline.
Tel:345 7498365
Down by the sea
Living on an island children need to know how to swim both for safety when playing down by the sea and also for the sheer enjoyment of swimming and it is  also one of the best ways of exercising the whole body.
Fitness Connection has an aquatic centre in South Sound.
They have three groups for mothers and babies from 3 months of age, a preschool session and a Kids Swim for children aged from 4 -12 years of age.
Captain Kendra from Cayman Aquatics works with small groups (ages 2 months and up) She tries to work with children in the sea as much as possible.
    Stingray Swim Club meets at the Lions Aquatic Centre, which houses a 25-metre pool and they run programmes for children aged 3-17.
This programme is free and because it has produced swimmers that compete regionally and internationally places get snapped up quickly.
 Fitness Connection Tel 🙁 345) 949 8485 or email: [email protected]
Captain Kendra
Tel: (345) 916 6722)
Stingray Swim Club Tel: 3459498105
It’s easy in Cayman to start young on a dive career. All the local dive centres offer programmes for children, who can become PADI certified as early as age 10. For younger children the Bubblemaker gives children the feeling of using scuba gear and breathing underwater. Children have to be at least age eight and Bubblemaker classes are held in a swimming pool with a qualified instructor. Red Sail Sports, Divers Down and DiveTech all offer this programme. For children age 5-8, there is S.A.S.Y (Supplied Air Snorkelling for Youth). This is for surface snorkelling only .S.A.S.Y. training is available from DiveTech at Cobalt Coast Resort in West Bay. Dive Tech are also offering a discover Scuba Diving course April 2 – 6th. Children from ages 10 and up can participate and parents enjoy a 2 for 1 price for the kids! $88.CI for 2 children, including all equipment, class, pool and dive. Class size limited to 4 children per dive and there is limited availability.
DiveTech Tel.946-5658 for reservations

On the Water
Cayman Islands sailing club Rick Caley says,  “Our after school sailing and windsurfing programs run weekly for six weeks from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. All lessons are taught by certified instructors and coaches. We provide all safety equipment. The emphasis is on learning skills whilst having fun.” Cost is $120 for the six weeks. The next rotation begins the week of May 3rd.Their Easter camps are 4 days and cost $240 ($200 for CISC members)
They will be running two Easter camps From 1 March 29 to April 1
And from April 6 to April 9
 Tel: 947 7913
Email: [email protected]
Just because Cayman has no mountains does not mean you can’t go climbing. King’s sport centre has indoor rock climbing for 4 years and upwards with an accompanying adult.
Kings also offers old type roller skating and they will be doing a beginners class in May.
  King’s Sport Centre Tel: (345) 946 5464)
The Cayman Islands Tennis Club gives lessons for all ages. The Club also offers after school programmes, which run from September-June from age three and a half years and up.
   The Courts Tennis Centre holds an after school junior tennis for ages six and upwards.
Tel 🙁 345) 815 6599
 The Cayman Islands Tennis Club Tel 🙁 345) 949 9464.