Try ‘Guy’s Miracle Cure’

 It was difficult for me to swallow my pride and write this column. After many years of preaching against alternative health medicines and products that waste people’s money, and in some cases risk their health, I have decided to share a dirty little secret. I have my own beloved alternative medicine that I have taken for many years. I believe in it deeply and can’t imagine living without it. Yes, I’m a hypocrite. But I care about your health so I feel a moral obligation to tell you about “Guy’s Miracle Cure.” I didn’t invent it but I discovered this natural remedy long ago and, trust me, it works. It’s not some homeopathic water or magnetic bracelet type of rip-off. This is one alternative medicine that delivers as advertised.
      “Guy’s Miracle Cure” is natural, affordable, and doesn’t require a prescription. Its awesome power to heal, improve and prevent health problems is astonishing. Believe it or not, it has so many benefits that there is not enough room to describe all of them here. Here is a partial list of what “Guy’s Miracle Cure” can do for you:
      —Improves sleep at night;
      —Boosts alertness and thinking skills during the day;
      —Improves mood and can even help to alleviate depression;
      —Helps control weight;
      —Helps prevent heart disease;
      —Without it, your brain shrinks as you age. With “Guy’s Miracle Cure” your brain grows;
      —Even small doses taken just two or three times per week can have a significant positive impact on physical and mental health;
      —Cuts your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by half or more;
      —Helps protect against diabetes;
      —Boosts energy levels;
      —Reduces the risk of having a stoke by more than 50 percent;
      —Reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone disease);
      —Lowers high blood pressure;
      —Lowers bad cholesterol levels;
      —Taken consistently over time, it can make you look more attractive;  
      —Enhances the immune system, leading to fewer illnesses;
      — Improves the quality and quantity of sex;
       —There is good evidence that it may reduce the risk of many forms of cancer.
      “Guy’s Miracle Cure” is not for grownups exclusively. It’s great for children too. Scientific studies have revealed that it can enhance a child’s ability to learn in school. It has also been shown to improve children’s self-esteem and lessen their anxiety.
      Hard to believe, isn’t it? How can a single medicine do so much? It seems impossible. Don’t ask me how it works; I just know that it does. Trust me, you want to get some of this—and fast. Only a fool would pass it up. Here is the bottom line: if you want a better than average shot at health and happiness, then you need this miracle cure in your life now. It certainly has made my life a thousand times better. And it can do the same for you.
      You probably have questions by now. What are the ingredients in this amazing alternative medicine? Where can one find it? How much does it cost? Well, here is some good news: it’s free and accessible to everyone in one form or another. You don’t even need to go to a pharmacy or a witch doctor to obtain it. You can take this medicine in your backyard this afternoon or in your living room tonight.  
      “Guy’s Miracle Cure” is also known as exercise.
      Guy P. Harrison’s is the author of “Race and Reality.” His columns appear twice per month in the Observer. Contact him at [email protected]