Bringing style to the beach

With all the different colours, patterns and styles in separates and swimsuits, looking good on the beach has never been easier no matter your size, shape or age.

What has improved over the years is the fact that you can mix and match in style and fit. Judy Billeter at Divers Supply  says, “When I am buying in swimwear I will take one bikini then buy it in different styles. One person might want a triangle cut with bikini bottoms, another halter top with a fuller pant bottom or another might choose a bra top. This means women can get absolutely the right fit for them.”

For younger women Judy says the popular choices are the O’Neill range of bikinis with traditional triangle tops and tiny briefs. She says Tankinis or swimsuits that give support in the bust and have control panels for the stomach are a good choice for those with a not-so-perfect figure, or more mature women.

Divers Supply stocks various makes from Perry Ellis  and Tommy Hilfiger to Rampage and Nautica.Sizes go up to 24.

Jantzen make very clever swimsuits that hide a multitude of sins .They have central shearing giving then the glamour and support of a fifties style evening gown,

In cover-ups Judy says, “The True Love tattoo dresses, with their distinctive mixture of colours, just fly off the shelves.”

They also have a huge selection from maxi dresses to flirty little dresses in different fabrics; towelling, cotton and cheesecloth that just roll on and off with no pesky straps.

Original and funky
Funky Monkey always has an original line up of clothes chosen from all over the world. They have just had a new delivery of accessories such as bags and hats. The hats are seriously funky so get along there before the best are gone. Owner Jodie Foster says “our bikinis by Christian Audigier are based on tattooist Ed Hardy’s designs and they are the beach wear this year”. And no wonder they are jaw-drop beautiful like fabulous works of art in rich colours with hand embroidered or jewelled embellishments.

If you are going to get into a bit of sports on the beach their beach shorts are eye catching and beautifully cut. Funky Monkey also has tunics and loose cheese cloth tops that can be worn as cover-ups. One in particular in tie dye with a hood and crocheted could also be worn as a dress with leggings.

We all need support
The Beach Boutique, as well as the normal run of swimwear, stocks the Longitude line designed for women with longer torsos and they go up to size 24.

Another one which will have women beating a path to the door is the Miracle Suit which promises to make you ten pounds lighter. In cover ups the biggest sellers are still sarongs which come in batik patterns with instructions for various ways you can wear it on the beach so you have not just one cover-up but possibly five ,the only limit is your imagination!