Good health is not just physical

 We all have days when we’re not on top of our mental game whether at work or at home.
   Many things can lead to distraction from problems at home to stress on the job.
   And that can lead to emotional health problems.
   Fortunately for most people the days when we’re not on top our game are few and far between.
   But for others mental and emotional health problems take a heavy toll on the workplace in the form of absenteeism and decreased productivity.
   The Observer on Sunday applauds the excellent work the counsellors at the Employee Assistance Programme in Cayman provide.
   Their work is strictly confidential; clients don’t bump into each other and enter and exit through differing doors.
   The programme exists because company owners and managers pay for it to be there for employees in need of counselling.
   There should be no negative stigma attached to the need to seek counselling. Many of our workplaces would probably be better if more employees did realise they need to talk to a professional about certain issues.
   And if an employer picks an employee to go seek counselling, that employee shouldn’t take it in a negative context. It only means that the employer cares about the employee and wants the best for him and her and the workplace.
   Times seem to be extremely difficult now with the state of the economy and the high cost of living in the Cayman Islands.
   Many offices have seen employees leave as jobs have been made redundant as a cost savings measure for the company to keep afloat, which can cause stress and anxiety in the remaining workforce.
   Those of us who were in the Cayman Islands when Hurricane Ivan slammed Grand Cayman in 2004 or Hurricane Paloma devastated Cayman Brac in 2008 can certainly relate to the stresses caused by lost jobs, losing co-workers, financial issues and healthy homes to live in.
   We would bet there are people in the Cayman Islands who needed counselling after those two major event but didn’t get it.
   They probably still need it, though.
   If you think you need to speak to a professional, don’t hesitate to call EAP at 949-9559. And you don’t have to be an employee of a member company; they take clients from the community at large.
   Mental and emotional health is important for all facets of life, especially at the workplace.