Rejuvenate and vitalise skin

Getting injected with
carbon dioxide under the skin may seem like a strange idea but if the result is
healthy, glowing skin and a smooth, cellulite free body then it becomes more
understandable why carboxy therapy has been popular in Europe and South America
for a number of years now.

Carbon dioxide is a
colourless, odourless gas which we exhale,

 gives the bubbles to champagne and the fizz to
soft drinks and carboxy therapy, where carbon dioxide is injected just under
the skin, has become one of the fastest growing of the noninvasive cosmetic

Carbon dioxide  has been used to treat circulatory and heart
problems since the thirties in France and it has been popular in South America
for a number of years now especially because of its effectiveness in treating
cellulite. It is now starting to catch on in Britain and America because when
used on the face it is an extremely quick procedure, which does away with dark
circles under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles and gives a bloom to the skin.
Apparently it is popular among celebrities for appearances on the red carpet
because it is so quick and gives an instantaneous healthy glow to the skin.

The theory behind it
is that as carbon dioxide is naturally present in the human body, injecting the
gas under the skin causes the red blood cells to release their oxygen into the
tissues, counteracting the high concentration of carbon dioxide. Oxygen of
course revitalises and practitioners of carboxy therapy say it will improve
skin elasticity and  circulation,
encourage collagen repair and smooth out fine lines.

I am introduced to
carboxy therapy at the DaVinci centre. I am slightly nervous about what this is
going to feel like, as one of the areas where carboxy therapy is particularly
effective is around the eyes. It improves the appearance of dark circles, I am
told that one client’s extremely dark circles had practically disappeared over
a number of sessions.

I get over the fear
of a needle when I am shown what is actually being used, which is an extremely
fine, acupuncture type needle. The needle is attached by a sterile tube to a
small tank of carbon dioxide and a metal box around the size of a microwave,
which regulates the flow of the gas. Now I just have to get over the idea of
gas being put under my skin.

My face is cleaned
and I am told that my eyes will swell for a few seconds when the gas is
injected under the skin. The needle is inserted just under the skin at the side
of my eye and at the side of the top lid. I feel the needle slightly and then
the gas goes in. My eyes immediately start to swell. It is the most peculiar
feeling but I have no time to panic as it subsides just as rapidly. Doing the
rest of my face is not nearly as dramatic. The lines from nose to chin are
injected and the feeling this time is more like a slight lifting of the skin as
the gas is inserted. The whole procedure is extremely quick just taking a few

There are slight
marks at the injection sites but they disappear completely after a few hours.
There is no doubt that the skin around my eyes looks a lot smoother and clearer
also the  labial lines between nose and
mouth seem less pronounced and deep. Like a lot of non-invasive procedures
carboxy therapy needs to be repeated a few times to get the full benefit.

Besides rejuvenating
the face, other uses of carboxy therapy are improving the appearance of
cellulite and stretch marks. It is thought that one of the reasons cellulite
appears is because of lack of circulation. As carbon dioxide sends oxygen to
the tissues it makes sense that it would help clear toxins from congested
areas, it  can also eliminate build up of
fluid between the cells and start the breakdown of localised fatty deposits. In
fact this is another of its uses because small areas can be targeted it can
shift stubborn spots such as around the knees. In Brazil it was discovered that
even after liposuction some women were left with these types of areas and
carbon dioxide helped. It will also improve the elasticity of the skin give a
firming and smoothing effect.

The number of
sessions needed to reduce cellulite will vary from person to person and will
also depend on how much of a problem it is.


Besides rejuvenating
the face, other uses of carboxy therapy are improving the appearance of
cellulite and stretch marks.

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