A Fair deal for Cayman

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For three decades, Foster’s Food Fair IGA has been serving the public of the Cayman Islands.

The initial store at Dorcy Drive – the Airport Center – first opened its doors with 25 employees and a 6,000 square foot facility back in 1980. Over the next 30 years, new warehouses were built, stores expanded and the company added locations. Five stores serve customers, as their advertisement says, from West Bay to East End.

The store was founded by David Foster in 1980 along with brother Minard Steve Foster and mother Alta, explained managing director – and son of David – Woody Foster.

“Although some of their colleagues or associates told them not to do it, they went for it anyway. My dad was obsessed with customer service and doing the best that he could do and always raising the bar, never being satisfied. I know it sounds cliche but he always wanted to be there for the community.

“At the end of the day everything he did was based around customer service, making sure there was enough lighting, parking, bread on the shelf – he wanted to make sure he took care of his customers.”

Unwritten mandate
Community involvement has always been part of the approach of the store, continued Mr. Foster.

“Our unwritten mandate has evolved from my dad and passed on to us is to try and help everybody in the community that we can. We don’t do a lot of large promotions – we sponsor the football and do the YCLA – the reason being that we try and spread it as far as we can as opposed to a few big ones.

“We are part of the community, because obviously everybody has to eat and we take that role very seriously. We’re not just here to make a profit and keep moving; we see ourselves as an essential service for the Cayman Islands. We go to work every day knowing and believing that and trying to be the best we can.

“We take it very seriously, whether it’s from your daily needs to make sure there’s bread on the shelf or, prior to a hurricane, making sure that we have products on the shelves and post-hurricane we’re open and able to serve.”

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