Puritan Cleaners (1980) Ltd

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Founded in 1958, during and after serving 5 years in Merchant Marine and owned outright by Mr. Cardinall DaCosta from 1980, Puritan Cleaners (1980) Ltd. is one of the island’s oldest businesses.

A byword for reliable laundry and dry cleaning, the company is central to Mr. DaCosta’s life whose awards have run parallel to those of Cayman.

During the early days of the business, which also offers bed & bath, table cloth & linen rental & cleaning and wedding apparel preservation, he helped found Rotary International, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and CI Jaycees, in which his committee petitioned government to award beach property  leading to the creation of Seven Mile Public Beach.

In 1962, Mr. DaCosta and Mr. Jim Bodden dreamt up Pirates Week.

The festival was launched in 1977 and Mr. DaCosta became its first chief pirate, recorded its first song Pieces of Eight and placed second with the song Ghost of Edward Teach in 1978.

As Cayman developed so did Puritan Cleaners.  In 1983 the company relocated to Eastern Avenue and became Cayman’s first full service laundry and dry cleaners to facilitate the hotels, hospitality and local needs.

When not keeping abreast with industry advances, he likes to entertain others at fund raising events with renditions of self-penned songs and covers several of which are on his CD Sound of Her Voice.

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